Most Magical Maternity Session EVER!!! Cincinnati Ohio

There are so many ways you can do a maternity session. From Milk baths to something more casual, it’s really all up to who is being photographed.

Personally though,I love it when that person really jams with what I love to do and my style of photography. If you’ve been around here long enough, you know that I LOVE magical things and whenever possible I try to sneak that into an image. I love playing with the ideas of fantasy and reality to bring you something that is both surreal and beautiful. Even with something like maternity portraits.

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Cincinnati Family Photographer Jess Summers of Say Yes To Jess Captures stunning Maternity photos for new moms in Cincinnati Ohio.jpg
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Magical Maternity Photography by Jess Summers of Say Yes To Jess Cincinnati Ohio Photographer
Stunning Magical Maternity Session In Cincinnati Ohio by Cincinnati Photographer Jess Summers of Say Yes To Jess
Maternity Session Cincinnati Ohio Family Photographer Jess Summers of Say Yes To Jess.jpg

There is always a way I can sneak in just a little magic. Maybe its the lighting with tons of sunshine filling the image, a butterfly here or there, maybe even fairy lights dusting their way over water. Whatever it may be I’m all about it.

If you are too, I would love to help! There is no better reason to ask for magical looking portraits than a new little one. <3

I like People Who Smile When It's Raining- Cincinnati Ohio Maternity Photography

A few weeks ago I found myself hiding under a group of trees with my clients as we waited out a random rain storm that decided the best time to let its cold drops of rain go was during my late afternoon session.   

We were huddled under a tree for quite some time playing " don't smudge the makeup" and "keep the dress dry"  while we watched a boy on a unicycle juggle in the rain on the side walk in front of us without dropping anything or falling. - I know sounds like a crazy weird series of events but he was getting some super sweet shots for his senior photos... I think. 

I knew this session was going to be amazing when I saw my client, Amber, get out of the car with an incredible black tulle dress on. My mouth quite literally fell open when I saw it. The perfect amount of fluff and adorable!  


I've done a lot of different sessions at Ault park and to be honest I get tired of that location but for some reason it was just different that day. There was an amazing beauty to it that I'm not quite sure I've seen before. Maybe it was all the leaves changing and the storm clouds in the background but it was beautiful. 

Take that rain! 😻 

Take that rain! 😻 


Later we went to my studio to shoot the rest of the session, something I'm always super thrilled to do- a milk bath.  


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE  milk baths. They are beautiful and always have such an amazing color scheme to them.   

This is one of my favorite sessions to date and I'm so excited for the Amber and her husband on their newly announced baby BOY!  

I hope everyone has an Thanksgiving!