What The Duck Is it? How to create a memorable Gender Reveal


What The Duck Is it? How to create a memorable Gender Reveal

You guys, I've been keeping a BIG secret. A HUGEEEE Secret for quite some time now. Something I couldn't tell anyone.

And it's been killing me. 

Especially when asked direct questions about the secret knowing I couldn't give a real answer or opinion to it. 

What is it exactly? Well, it is the gender to my Best Friends Baby! 

She handed off the envelope containing the top secret information to me a couple weeks ago. Since then I had to lock lips and turn my face to not give any kind of smirk or expression that may give it away when asked. 

I'll say I was super happy I only almost slipped up 1 time when answering someone but caught myself just in time.  Secret keeping is hard, especially when you're so excited about it. 

Luckily, this past weekend the secret finally got let out of the bag (or box really) 

Since I was in charge of putting the actual revile part together, I wanted it to be a little more on the dramatic side.  Not just because I love big statements and over the top announcements but because it is her first child ( not that I wouldn't do it for future babies down the line ;) ) and I think its important. 

I spent days searching Pinterest for different unique ideas that were not popping balloons or cutting open a cake. I've searched so much about it that my Pinterest page now thinks I'm pregnant and keeps giving me things like C-section panties in my feed when I log in. Don't rush me Pinterest! It's not my time! 

It took days for me to figure out what it was that I wanted to do and felt was a worthy enough idea. I even though about trying to blow color dust up with fire works but realized I didn't have enough space for that to work out even if it would have been super cool.  After a long long search I finally found one I was super pumped about- Smoke grenades. 

Smoke Grenades have indeed been used before from what I could see people were buying little smoke sticks that didn't really put out a lot of smoke.  So I of course felt that I needed to one up that and started researching high output smoke grenades that you see used for paint ball and photography. I ended up getting mine from  Hustle Paint ball who had the best shipping prices available and could guarentee to get them to me in time.

I got 2 of the same so I could guarantee it would be enough smoke to really put on the show I wanted it to.  

When  it came time to put it together, I wanted to make sure that both her and her husband got to participate in the revile soattached some rope to the pull tabs of each canister, duct taped them down into the box and made holes on each side of the box for the strings to go through. All they had to do was pull the strings and it would activate the smoke.  

Gender Revile Box Say Yes To Jess

*** NOTE*** If you're making this for yourself, please use some STRONG string or rope because the pull tops take a lot of force to open and we may have had a mishap due to our strings breaking. Hindsight 20 20 haha. 

Since our string broke and the pull tap was a lot harder to pull than I had thought I had to make a quick adjustment not to delay the big news any longer. 

I can say I was super happy to finally answer the question of "What the Duck is it? 

Congratulations Nick and April! I'm so excited for you both! <3 

Do you have a new baby on the way? What kind of revile are you planning? Let me know in the comments below!!

P.s. Don't forget  if you're a Cincinnati Local Mothers Day Brunch is coming up and I would love to see you there! Check here to check it out! 


A Cake Smash Alternative You NEED To See!

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A Cake Smash Alternative You NEED To See!

We have all by now seen and love a good cake smash session for a one year old's birthday photos. It's adorable and such a fun thing to watch as it's happening. I mean babies covered in cake with huge smiles on their faces as they claw their way through it! Win win! Well till you have to clean them up I guess but that is a different story

A while ago an article surfaced about a little girl who used Tacos as alternative to cake for her photos and I absolutely loved it. When things like this pop up online, I always hope that someone will ask me to do a session like it, but you know... with my own personal ideas for it. 

Well, i got my wish on this one!

A friend contacted me to start planning out her daughters 1 year photos for a classic session with a twist.  She had seen one of the very first Taco smashes that came to lite online early this year and wanted to do one for daughter too along with some more traditional styled images. I of course was on board and we began to plan out the look of the set.

We opted for not a lot of distractions when it came to decoration for the first backdrop we kept it simple to match the colors of the clothing and some banners in the back  for added flair. For the Taco Smash we decided to go with a Fiesta banner and a sombrero Pinata that way we could keep the focus more so on Bri, her daughter. 

When doing Classic Sessions like this I don't like to photograph EVERYTHING on one backdrop or in the same location even so we opted to photograph 2 outfits inside and the 3rd we would take a quick drive over to the park. If you know me, you know I'm more of an outside natural light photographer anyway, so I'm always happy to take a trip to the park.

When the day came the weather was perfect and Bri was such a good little model. 

And lastly, the TACO SMASH!  

Unlike a cake smash it was not as messy and the cleanup for something like this was quite a bit easier. Also, oddly enough she was very clean about it and was picking up the little pieces and eating them first until we showed her i was ok to make a mess with it. All in all it was such a fun session and I can't wait to do another one like it. 

Hooray for tacos! 

Have you ever done a cake smash? Would you have rather done a Taco smash or something else along those lines? Let me know what you think in the comments below! 

If you're interested in booking your own Smash send me a message or visit me on the Book A Session Tab. 

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My First Opening Day In Cincinnati


My First Opening Day In Cincinnati

I've lived in Cincinnati now for almost 10 years. I moved directly here after graduating High school. So I think that by now it is safe to say I'm a full blown Cincinnatian. 

I really do love Cincinnati. From the people to the places and the city wide traditions that happen here, its all wonderful to me. Since moving here 10 years ago, there are some things I've still yet to do and hope to check them off my list very soon. One of those things was Attend the Opening Day Parade and game. 

I've wanted to go for the past couple years but it's never actually worked out for some reason or another. However, this year the planets aligned and my bestie and I got to partake in the festivities.

We arrived downtown at Findlay Market, where the parade was set to start. We may have gotten a sneak peak at all the parade things because were rebels and chose to walk down the road that they were lining up on. 

Once it started I was so excited to see everything go by. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. The energy of the crowd was amazing and we made a new little friend who would dance and or try to be in the parade at any chance she got. It was absolutly adorable. 

There were so many fun things in the parade. It was almost 2 hours long but it didn't feel like it at all. I think my favorite thing had to be all the horses. Especially the mini horses.  

Side note. I didn't know there were therapy horses but I'm going to need a whole lot of therapy if that is the case. 



My other favorite thing was this set of costumes from a local school. Each one was dressed up as something cincinnati related. They were all so adorable and I wanted to look at each and every costume but couldn't see them all. They even had some dressed up as city landmakrs. It was such a cute idea. 

When the parade was over we headed down to the stadium to watch the game. One of the things I love most about Cincinnati is the amount of pride we have in our city. The streets were lined with people who were there for the festivities and to attend the game. It's truly something you just have to experience if you're from out of town. 

April and I actually didn't plan on going but like I said earlier... the planets aligned, wishes were granted and April won tickets the night before! It was a very welcomed surprise and I'd like to formally say thank you  to the Venue Kings for them!! The seats were amazing and I don't think I've ever actually sat that close before.


In typical Ohio fashion, rain was of course in the forecast but it only started raining when we were on a mission to find the dollar hot dog stand, that I may add we could not find. Thankfully it wasn't a long storm and ended just as fast as it started. I was really happy about that not because It was a little cold but because you cant make sure balls are not going to hit you in the face when your glasses have little rain droplets all over them.  

Yes, I spent a good portion of the game being nervous I was going to get hit in the face with the ball. They hit hard... 


All in all the day was amazing and went entirely too fast but like every opening day past it means summer is right around the corner and I'm extremely excited about that! 

Have you been to opening day before? Tell me about it and what your memories in the comments below! 

Want more? Enjoy a slide show of the parade!