What lessons Wonder Woman can teach us all.


What lessons Wonder Woman can teach us all.

Wonder Woman has always been a favorite of mine since I was super little. I would sit and watch the TV Show with my grandpa then once the show was over, quickly run around the house doing my best to mimmic the moves she I saw on the show.  I even had a "Special jump" that was basically me spinning in a circle multiple times that I would do off the high dive at the lake. I called my "Wonder Woman Spin" and in hindsight it was actually pretty dangerous to do off a high dive but that never stopped me because I felt pretty badass every time I did it.  

I've forever had good memories and respect when it came to that character in particular.  I always thought of her as such a strong and independent person and loved that she could kick so much ass and still be amazingly gentle when she needed to be.

I'm not going to ruin the new movie for those who have not had the opportunity to watch it yet- because that is rude and I'm not going to be that person. What I would like to instead focus on is her Badassery and the lessons we can all learn from her.

1.  She does not hide the things that make her special

Remember in high school when you were afraid to be who you are? Afraid to show the things that made you amazing for fear of being weird, awkward or that you would stand out? Those are the things she flaunts with pride.  Even if they make no since to the stereotypes in place, she rocks it.

p.s she's also not afraid to hid how INCREDIBLY SMART she is because that is a super power all on it's own.

2.  She tries diplomacy over violence

WW has a way of dealing with issues that a lot of people seam forget about sometimes. Before resulting to major butt kicking she tries to settle things by talking them through in a sensitive but effective way.

3. She's the definition of strong Independent Woman

She can and will take care of herself. I assume being raised as an amazon and being the daughter of Zeus has a lot to do with this but she is quite the role model for independence. Of course she is more than happy to work as a team but she is not afraid to get the job done on her own. 

Anyone else think of the song Independent Feat. Lil' Boosie and Lil' Phat for this one? ... Just me? 

4. She does not doubt herself.

When the going gets tough, she gets tougher. She never stops to think about if she can or cannot do something. She simply puts her best foot forward and charges at it full force learning along the way. 

5. she's always on a journey of self discovery

As a child she was always pushing the boundaries of who she was and or could be and  took every moment to learn and broaden her knowledge of many different things. One of my favorite lines from the movie that I pulled my phone out to put in my notes was "Who will I be If I stay?" to me that was such an amazing line that sealed the fact that to grow you must move forward.   

If you have yet to make your way out to see the new Wonder Woman movie, I hope you do soon. It is such a good movie that definitely won't let you down. When you see it, let me know your favorite part and if you learned a lesson from her. I'd love to hear all about it in the comments.

Side note, this is an accurate depiction of me after watching the movie.  #noshame


Be Your Own Princess!


Be Your Own Princess!

Ok, lets chat about something really quick.

Growing up, we all at one point or another were introduced to the Disney Princesses. Those sweet caring little delicate creatures who somehow always wound up in some kind of danger and needed to be saved.  Some of us, I'm sure, owned dresses that looked like their favorite princess or your children do currently.  Regardless, we all had a favorite princess who we admired and wanted to be like her. 

(In case you were wondering, mine is Jasmin. She was pretty badass for a Disney princesses if you think about it. She didn't just sit around and wait to be saved. She took several hits for the team. She even had to deal with Jafar who was a super creep and basically had to seduce him to save Aladdin's butt. Pretty badass in my book) 

Jafar is a creepy McCreeperson!

Jafar is a creepy McCreeperson!

... Back on topic :) 

I however have personally always had an issue with the idea of wanting to be like one of the princesses.  I loved the movies for what they were and don't get me wrong, its ultra adorable when little's are running around in their princess dresses but I always want to pull them aside and ask " Ok, but if you could create your own princess, what would she look like?" 

Actually, knowing me I'd ask way more than that. I would want a full detailed description like, What is her favorite color? How long is her hair? What does her ballgown look like? Does she even wear a ballgown? Is she a modern princess who listens to punk and rides a dirt bike vs. kissing frogs to find her prince?  Is she an astronaut from another planet? ... My question list could go on forever.

Chances are she would have one amazing answer that would top any Disney princesses theme. Perhaps its the part of me that is always striving for uniqueness and originality but I always want children to run with their own ideas and not get boxed into someone else's description of something.

With this being said, I've put together a character building sheet to do with your own children (or yourself, because it's fun and really gets your creativity going.) Once you get it all filled out share your answers with me either here on the blog post or send it to me in a message.  I may or may not be planning a big surprise for the person who has the most well thought out princess. 

So print that bad boy out and get to working on the ultimate princess description. I can't wait to see them! 



Why Printing your images is important

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Why Printing your images is important

This past weekend I started cleaning out my living room for a yard sale I'll be putting stuff in soon. I was going through all the bins, shelves and stuff I never really take the time to even look at any more. Everything there has become tchotchkes even if they weren't mean to be.

I started digging through an old bin of DVD's and came across CD's labeled "14th Birthday", "Florida Vacation" and "Freshman Year" and more. I had compleatly forgotten I had them and was so excited to see what was on each one that I grabbed my laptop (the only thing in my house that even reads a CD) and popped them in. 

The first couple I went through were fantastic throw backs to a fun vacation my mom, brother and I took to Cider Point. One had evidence of the hot second I was in color guard and another of really bad haircuts and makeup with a side of epic toe socks from my 15th birthday party. It brought back so many moments I had compleatly forgotten about. There were even some I found that had images I thought I had lost, like images of me as a kid with relatives who have since then passed. 

Yep... That's me right in the middle. Pleated skirt and all. 

Who let me have those bangs? COME ON!!!

I swear my brother can swim even though he looks like he's flailing around in the backround of that. 

However, as I kept going through them there seamed to be one thing that was clear. CD's corroded and become unreadable quite quickly. Even if they are protected in sleeves like mine were. ( ps. This is also why I don't offer them  :) )

Since starting photography, I've gained a new found love for printing and being able to hold an actual finished image in your hands that you can show off to y our friends. Something more than just a flash drive or CD. No one is ever impressed by a CD or Flash drive... Trust me. 

Sad face!!! 

Sad face!!! 

This weekends find made it even more clear to me how important it is to print your images out. Even if it's just a 4x6.  The fact that I can no longer see what was on those 7 CD's of images kind of makes my heart hurt. That is my history, things I saw as important and photos of people I knew along the years. 

I bet you're saying... "Well yeah, CD's are kinda crappy anyway. So duh, I'm sure that happened"

Well... My lovely friend. I agree with you (and If I was paying attention I'd have grabbed the images off of them sooner)  but that brings me to another point.  Flash drives will eventually do the same. Maybe not nearly as fast, but they will. 

Even the cloud we store our lives on is bound to go away some day or (Heaven forbid) go offline in some way and we would have nothing left but a wish that we had printed some of them. 

So really what I'm getting at is print the images you think are important and save backups of them some where safe. Don't just go straight to digitals or CD's.  I don't want you feeling the way I did this weekend when I couldn't open the files on my CD's. 



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