So you may be asking your self  "Who the hell is Jess?" or If you're like me and watch New Girl  maybe your singing "Who's that girl?... It's Jess" ( Thanks for the theme song guys! I really appreciate it!)  But to answer that question... I'm Jess ;). The girl with crazy colored hair that can change colors at any given moment,  a happiness advocator, adventure seeker, and believer of Unicorns and Mermaids. Also,  I have a love for glitter that no one will ever understand.  

When I was in high school I was always taking photos of everything; bands, friends.... random cats. They all of course ended up on Myspace and are probably still there.  I even opened up an Etsy store during Etsy's first year on the internet.  Needless to say I have always had a love of design and photography.

Fast forward a few years, I spent some serious time soul searching and by this I mean, I was trying to find my "thing" or place in the world.  I literally did/tried everything I thought I could be good at. I made cakes, did a serious amount of crafting, even tried my hand at party planning. Mind you I wasn't bad at these things my heart just wasn't really in it.  There was one common connection between them though and that was that I was always obsessed with the photos and design aspects of everything I made. Not to mention that I was the obsessive photo taker of my friends -  you all are welcome for all the WONDERFUL and sometimes embarrassing memories I've captured for us ;) you know you love it! 

I bought my first legit real camera when I was 25 and everything about it just felt right. I sat myself down and said this is your thing and you've done a great job ignoring it and now it's time to put it into action! Everything has kind of fallen into place since. I am now using both my love for designing and photography all in one and let me tell you, its fricken amazing! Creating something that is helping someone or telling a story through photographs makes me heart incredibly happy and full.

 So thank you so much for stopping in! I cannot wait to share my adventures with you and hopefully you can be a part of them as well!