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 Hey there VIP!

So you may be wondering why you were sent this page. Well, I’ve got good news for you. It’s because you’re freaking awesome and I want to make sure you know how awesome you really are! You have officially been named a VIP to Say Yes To Jess and are hereby invited to tons of special activities, events and treats only VIP’s get.

Cool right!- so right!




How it works

Each year you spend over $350 with me you’ll be added back into the VIP club. You’ll start to receive information on special things like free donut days or VIP only parties and events.


Events and parties can range from good hearted fun like paint fights and pie your family days (trust me.. not something you want to miss) to really cool themed parties like our upcoming Halloween Party where costumes highly encouraged.

So sit back and wait for the fun!

Also, make sure I have your correct address on file. As some things may be mailed to you.