How much is a Dream session?

Prices for each dream session very. Since each dream is different and may require different things at different price points, Dream session prices are delivered via quote. Generally, pricing starts at $400 

Do I have to supply anything for a Dream Session?

Nope! Just bring yourself and your beautiful smiling face. We will take care of the rest!

What If I don't have an idea but I want a Dream Session?

Have no fear! Together we will work out an idea that will set your heart on fire. When we meet to plan your session we will go over several prompting questions to get your ideas going and carve out a path to the perfect dream session.

Do I need to bring anything for a Styled Session?

Nope. We have that all covered for you. You can bring things if you wish, however, anything we have talked about during our planning phase will be taken care of for you.

Is there a payment plan?

YES! We know that it can be hard to put your full investment into a dream session or styled session all at once. We want to help make this easy and hassle free for you. Our payment plans are simple. You agree to a once a month or every other week deduction of an agreed amount that is auto debited until your paid in full or the day of the session. If there is a remaining balance, that is due before your session can start.