Want to see how some of my work is created, watch some fun behind the scenes videos, watch me make a fool of myself in a live stream?

Check all that out and more below! 


WIPS (Work in progress) 

I think its super fun to share with you my start to finish of an image edit. Something about seeing where the image started to where I call it finished is a pretty cool site to see. Each session I try to put up at least 1 Time lapse WIP video. You can watch all my mistakes, successes and how the final masterpiece is born.

Most recent  WIP Videos:


Two Faced Thursdays


Have an idea of a look I should try? Send me a message and let me know! 


Live Streams

Wonder what goes into planning your session or maybe what a live session looks like? Then check out my live stream videos through Facebook Live! 

Most recent Live Streams: