Looking for something to Jazz up your wedding decorations?  Then I've got a perfect solution for you! FLORAL INITIALS!  They are simple to make and depending on the size of the letters can be made in less than an hour!  

Here's what you need:

1. Hot Glue Gun

2. Glue Sticks

3. Cut out Letter ( You can cut this out of cardboard OR get a pre cut out letters at a craft store)

4. A TON of fake flowers

5. Ribbon

Like I said. These are super easy to make and should only take about 5-10 minutes per letter. 

Let's get started! 

Step 1. 

Seperates the flowers from their stems. Some flowers are easily detached from their stems and others may need cut. Either way, make sure there is very little plastic left at the base of the flower. The more plastic left on it the more the flower will stick up off the letter. Some extra trimming may be necessary if there is excess plastic. 

Once all flowers are cut place them in a pile off to the side.

Step 2.

Start trying different floral arrangements on your letter before you glue them down. Once you settle on a good look, start glueing the backs of your flowers onto your letter. I personally decided to Spartanly lay my flowers on the letter to give it more of a unique random look.

Step 3. 

Once your flowers are all attached and you love how it looks, flip it over so the back is facing up. Cut a piece of ribbon the length of the top of your letter and hot glue it down on the ends of the ribbon.  Some letters may require more than one strip of ribbon.

Once your ribbon is attached, it's ready to hang and you can move on to the next letter!  Like I said... Easy Peasy! 

Did you make this project? Use hashtag #BridalBabesDIY so we can see!


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