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ok so listen. I know you’ve probably been told that photos of you and your family are supposed to look like this:

Nicely dressed, posed properly, sitting exactly 1 inch apart looking like a big happy family.

Yes. Those are great and everyone should have a couple of those. However, if you’re like me that still seams … boring?

Well my wonderful fellow nerd friends I’m here to have your back.

I want to know what you geek out about. Are you a Starwars fan? Bobs Burgers? Star Treck? The walking dead…. Mario?

Literally let your fun self out because I want to help you make a photoshoot to go with it.

I personally have some ideas of some really cool family photoshoots that I’m literally just WAITING for the right fam to do it with.

(for example- instead of the incredibles I would like to make a superhero fam called the procrastinators. The would be in purple suites and sitting on couches doing whatever while their help sign shines in the sky)

I’ve also had some other amazing nerdy families come at me with their versions of this and ask for ATAT’s to be chasing them, to be turned into zombies or even get placed inside a Mario game.

Storm Troopers catch Cincinnati Family during Photoshoot.jpg
Zombie Family photoshoot in Cincinnati Ohio.jpg
Father and son put inside a Mario game in cincinnati Ohio Family photoshoot.jpg
ATAT's Chase Family in Cincinnati Ohio Nerdy Family Photoshoot by Say Yes To Jess Photographer.jpg

To me these are better than your average family photo. It shows your personality and the things you like all in one. The whole package!

So get out there and let your nerd flag fly!

To book your own nerdy family shoot send me a message!

What’s something you’d love to get your photos done with? Let me know in the comments!

Have you ever wanted to meet a unicorn? I can take you to one!


No lying here. I can and will take you to meet a unicorn. No matter how old you are it’s something you should 100% have on your life list and I can help you check it off!

You see, I know of a very magical place that is home to one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL unicorns I ever did see- and I’ve seen a couple in my day.

This one has bright blue eyes and is one of the most gentle creatures I’ve ever met. However if you’re a fairy, I suggest you try to hide your wings as he likes to eat those as snacks.

But seriously, it’s an incredible time.

Cincinnati ohio Unicorn photoshoot with Say yes To Jess Jess Summers.jpg

Unicorns expect you to be dressed to the 9. Fluffy dress, sparkly makeup… everything you need to look just as magical as they do. Lucky for you I’m here to help you with that.

If you decided you want to take a trip with me to unicorn valley, you’ll receive a dress that is fitted to your size, a glam makeup experience AND some unicorn food to take with you when you get there. You know, to help the unicorn know you’re their friend

Unicorn experience in Cincinnati ohio Unicorn Photoshoot Say Yes To Jess Cincy photographer.jpg

So how do you sign up to meet one? It’s super simple. Click here, and tell me you want to do a unicorn meet and greet. I’ll get you set up with a time and tell you the location. We will meet there, get you ready and then take you to meet.

Trust me. It’s so worth it and you’ll be able to check off an AMAZING thing off your life list… or make someone smile.

Have you ever wanted to meet a unicorn? Let me know in the comments!

Making of an ICE QUEEN- Cincinnati Ohio Photoshoot Dream Session

I LOVE when I get to make costumes for a session. I love even more when it all comes together to create something AMAZING as a final product.

A couple weeks ago I wanted to revisit my Ice Queen look I did for myself way back when ( really like a little over a year ago) and see if I could make it even better than before.

Peep the old look below

Say Yes To Jess makes ICE QUEEN look in Photoshoot Dream Session in Cincinnati.jpg

Just like last time I wanted the costume pieces to also be made out of hot glue. The crown, necklace and little pieces on my eyebrows are all made from hot glue in the photo above… and maybe a hint of foil and clear confetti….. AND glitter.

This time however, I wanted to be a little less sparkly and a lot more badass, if you will.

I created a crown that looked a lot different than the previous one with tiny “ice sickles” that ran up the top to give it a more frozen feel and put some (what I’m calling it) “Glue lace” on the top as well.

I also made a top that was supposed to resemble lace or some type of super delicate fabric with hanging sleeves to go with it, also made out of the “glue lace”.

I also have to give a big shoutout here to my BFF who is usually down to do whatever weird photo idea I come up with and volunteered to be my model for the shoot. Honestly being a model for something I do is pretty awesome. You get a cool costume, an awesome time AND some kickass photos when you’re done.

(You also get that if you do a Dream Session as well ;)- just saying)

Peep the behind the scenes video below

During the edit I added fake white eyelashes, made her eyes a little bigger whitened her lips and added some smoothing for effect. I also added in some still snow to give the look that it was very cold and foggy where she was.

Peep the Speed Edit below

I absolutely LOVE how the image came out. I also added in a fake snow overlay video to make it look like it was snowing. This in my personal opinion really blew it out of the water for me. So much so that I’ve started adding overlays to a lot of things for added effect- because I’m always a little extra.

I think it was a total game changer from last time to now. Maybe I’ll start doing an Ice Queen image each year. Ya know. Test my skills and make it even cooler every time and keep it all made with mostly hot glue. I already have some ideas for it if I decide to do it again- probably going to do it again.

April Ice queen WM.jpg

Let me know what you think in the comments and if I should do another Ice Queen image next year.

Want to book your own Session? Message me to find out how!