Never grow up

Why I REFUSE to compleatly grow up.

Have you ever watched the movie Hook?  The fantastic story about Peter Pan(ing) coming back to Grandma Wendy's house with his kids to visit for Christmas and then all hell breaks loose?

**If you haven't, we really need to have a quick chat ... and a movie night because It's important that you watch it. **

Basically, Peter has spent the past 20 or so years working as a big shot at a company that is sucking his soul away. He is not giving his kids the attention they want, he is not happy, his marriage is failing and has lost touch with his inner kid.  (ring a bell for anyone?) 

Hook realizes Pan is back in town and steals his kids while the family is out receiving an award for Wendy's amazing work with foster children.  During Peter's adventure back to Neverland and after a bunch of *Hilarious* training and several rude awakenings later he starts to remember what makes him feel alive and makes him happy again.  Long story short he saves his children and brings them back home and is a changed man.

So why am I telling you this? Why is Hook important and an valuable lesson to literally everyone?

As adults it is WAY to easy for us to get bogged down with day to day nonsense that fills our hearts, souls and stresses us the hell out.  This makes our quality of life suffer and we lose so much when this happens. 

It's easy for anyone to say "Just shake it off like Taylor Swift"  but life gets really stupid sometimes and it's just hard to keep your chin up.  It is times like this when I come back to this movie.  I may even watch it when I feel the struggles of life crushing down on me and I instantly feel better.  It allows me to remember not to take things too seriously, have fun whenever humanly possible, feel grateful for all the awesome in my life, take care and help others when you can, be curious, have stupid amounts of fun, be creative, have confidence, don't be afraid and find adventures where I can and act on it. 

These are the things that us adults easily lose sight of but they are and will forever be the things I value most in life. It is because of these things I feel free and will never ever ... never ever ever ever ever grow up compleatly. 

So the next time you think you feel the world crashing down on you and you feel your inner child clawing to get out have some fun think of the movie Hook.  Dance when you hear a song you even if you're in public. Let your mind race with exciting ideas for after work activities, volunteer somewhere that makes you feel amazing. Laugh like a child. Let your heart feel free and never ever stop "living" because in the words of Peter pan " To live, would be an awfully big adventure!"