I'm Coming For You Nashville!

Tomorrow I am hitting the road! Windows will be down, sweet (unusually warm weather) will be blowing in as I head down the highway to NASHVILLE!

It will be my first time there and to say the least I'm pretty excited about it.  Growing up we never really did much traveling. We would maybe come to Cincinnati (where I currently live) but never really ventured anywhere else.  When I became an adult and started making my own choices I decided that I really wanted travel to be a part of my normal life. I wanted to see places and do things that I'd never done before. Experience what life really could offer me if I left the comfort of my little city. 

And that is exactley what I've been doing. 

I don't get to travel like I would like to but I'm definitely trying my hardest to work it in to my life, even if it's a small trip for work only. 

So, what brings me to Nashville you ask?

Music? Food? Fun? 

No. and yes. but mostly no. 

I will be attending a fun conference for small business called Business Boutique from Friday to Saturday.  While the conference itself will be wonderful and I'm truly excited to go, I'm even more excited to explore. 

I've got my camera gear packed and ready to go because a photographer can't leave  on a trip without the essentials- even if it's not a photo trip.  I also may be bringing my computer and if you know anything about that situation... It's going to be an awkward ordeal.  

(Basically... I need to buy a laptop.) 

Brought my Imac to Panera.... No shame

Brought my Imac to Panera.... No shame

There is a big part of me that would love to one day rent out my house, buy a buss and travel everywhere touring the world doing photo projects wherever I am called to do one.  I actually kind of already have that scoped out on how it would work but I'll save that for another day. #Dreambig

For now I will do my best at finding fun photo projects and different things I can travel out for. (Hear that my far away people! I WILL COME TO YOU!)  But now it is time to finish packing, get as much work done as possible so it's not hanging over my head while I'm away and get this show on the road!  

P.s- I'll be posting things on my Instagram Stories and Snapchat about the trip! Make sure to follow! :)

xoxo- Jess