Gender Reveal

What The Duck Is it? How to create a memorable Gender Reveal

You guys, I've been keeping a BIG secret. A HUGEEEE Secret for quite some time now. Something I couldn't tell anyone.

And it's been killing me. 

Especially when asked direct questions about the secret knowing I couldn't give a real answer or opinion to it. 

What is it exactly? Well, it is the gender to my Best Friends Baby! 

She handed off the envelope containing the top secret information to me a couple weeks ago. Since then I had to lock lips and turn my face to not give any kind of smirk or expression that may give it away when asked. 

I'll say I was super happy I only almost slipped up 1 time when answering someone but caught myself just in time.  Secret keeping is hard, especially when you're so excited about it. 

Luckily, this past weekend the secret finally got let out of the bag (or box really) 

Since I was in charge of putting the actual revile part together, I wanted it to be a little more on the dramatic side.  Not just because I love big statements and over the top announcements but because it is her first child ( not that I wouldn't do it for future babies down the line ;) ) and I think its important. 

I spent days searching Pinterest for different unique ideas that were not popping balloons or cutting open a cake. I've searched so much about it that my Pinterest page now thinks I'm pregnant and keeps giving me things like C-section panties in my feed when I log in. Don't rush me Pinterest! It's not my time! 

It took days for me to figure out what it was that I wanted to do and felt was a worthy enough idea. I even though about trying to blow color dust up with fire works but realized I didn't have enough space for that to work out even if it would have been super cool.  After a long long search I finally found one I was super pumped about- Smoke grenades. 

Smoke Grenades have indeed been used before from what I could see people were buying little smoke sticks that didn't really put out a lot of smoke.  So I of course felt that I needed to one up that and started researching high output smoke grenades that you see used for paint ball and photography. I ended up getting mine from  Hustle Paint ball who had the best shipping prices available and could guarentee to get them to me in time.

I got 2 of the same so I could guarantee it would be enough smoke to really put on the show I wanted it to.  

When  it came time to put it together, I wanted to make sure that both her and her husband got to participate in the revile soattached some rope to the pull tabs of each canister, duct taped them down into the box and made holes on each side of the box for the strings to go through. All they had to do was pull the strings and it would activate the smoke.  

Gender Revile Box Say Yes To Jess

*** NOTE*** If you're making this for yourself, please use some STRONG string or rope because the pull tops take a lot of force to open and we may have had a mishap due to our strings breaking. Hindsight 20 20 haha. 

Since our string broke and the pull tap was a lot harder to pull than I had thought I had to make a quick adjustment not to delay the big news any longer. 

I can say I was super happy to finally answer the question of "What the Duck is it? 

Congratulations Nick and April! I'm so excited for you both! <3 

Do you have a new baby on the way? What kind of revile are you planning? Let me know in the comments below!!

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