Two Years old Already? Unique Portrait Session Cincinnati Ohio

Want to know the coolest thing about being a Photographer?

Is it the fact that you get to do some really cool stuff? no

Maybe the fact that it involves traveling sometimes? nope...

OH! It's totally that I get to sit and edit photos all day in my yoga pants and a tee shirt, right? No. 

Say Yes To Jess| Cincinnati Ohio Family Photographer| 2 Year Old Birthday

All of those things are pretty great! Like really, they are. However, the coolest thing is getting to watch people grow and change. Clients become part of your life when the walk into your studio. You learn about each other and suddenly you're invested in them as they have invested in you.  You get to see them start out their lives or bring new life into the world and its pretty amazing to witness.  

I personally am fortunate to have have families I get to see grow and change every year. They schedule things like birthday portraits or yearly family portraits and its just so cool to see how much each of them has grown since I last saw them, especially their children.  

It's kind of like I have a time capsule of their family made of images. Every time I see them I always find myself going back through the old images we took the years before and lining them up to see how much they have changed. It's always fascinating to me. 

A couple weeks ago I had one of my favorite littles for a "Turning Two" session. I've watched this little boy grow from infant to now 2. It's been so crazy to see how he has changed... and gotten more ok with photos... ok sometimes he's ok with photos. He recently told me to "put it down" at his birthday party and wouldn't open his gifts till I did.  HA! Kid knows what he wants! 

For his session we stopped off at one of his favorite places... His daddies work, to see the diggers. He brought his own so he could help dad get the job done. It was absolutely adorable.  

My favorite thing to do with children is to photograph them while they are playing and boy was he loving it!  He even got to sit in one of them and honk the horn. Talk about kid in a candy shop!

Say Yes To Jess| Cincinnati Ohio Family Photographer| 2 Year Old Birthday

It was such a fun day session and He had a blast!  I still can't even believe he is two. It feels like I was just taking newborn photos of him, trying to get him to stay asleep so I could get a good one. He was not a fan of the sound of the shutter sound and would wake up every time I'd snap a photo.

but like I said, things have changed... sort of. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Trent! I can't wait to see how much you've grown next year! 

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