Why It's Important To Let Your Childs Imagination Out To Play

Why It's Important To Let Your Childs Imagination Out To Play

All dressed up in her brand new dress, she climbed into her spaceship looked up at me and said "My spaceship runs off of glitter."  I laughed, and put a hand full of glitter into what I assumed was the "gas tank".  She was on a mission to fly away and meet the other princesses on different planets. 

How To Inspire Yourself When You Have A Creative Block

It has happened to all of us- especially us creatives. One day we are busting at the screams with ideas and excitement over an idea that you woke up with or had while doing the dishes that morning, then the next nothing. Not one single idea, you feel worthless and you don't really want to do anything. 

Sometimes that creative block likes to stick around. Like Really stick around. For days or weeks. You feel off your groove and you may get small bursts of creativity but then your right back into that creative block.

What exactly is going on here and how do we fix it? 

I personally believe some of this can be attributed to being stuck in a routine, or lack there of.  Doing something the same way, in the same space, at the same time every single day does absolutely nothing good for a creative mind. However, at the same time, doing things sporadically can also have the same affect. Too much going on, with no real schedule, really makes it hard to want to sit down and make your ideas come to life.

So what is the key to getting yourself back on track when these things are happening? 

Well, I should really say keys to getting back on track. Multiple things in conjunction with each other are really what puts your train back on it's tracks.

1. Giving yourself the permission to be creative.

We have TONS and TONS of stuff we do everyday. We work, we take care of the house, we have side hustles, we have our full time hustles, social lives, commitments. The list goes on.

Allowing yourself to set aside 20 minutes a day to just day dream or let your thoughts build into strong ideas is golden. 

Some people do this in forms of meditation. Meditation does not have to be the classic, sit with your legs criss cross apple sauce and close your eyes while repeating a mantra. No, it can be something as simple as grabbing a coloring book, coloring a page or two and just thinking whatever thoughts come to your head.


2. Change up your space.

Do you work in a specific room? Are you at a cubical that looks the same as it did when you first moved into it?  Has your furniture been in the same exact position for the past year or longer?

Switch it up. Moving things around  your hose or work space makes you see things differently sparking new energy and ideas.  Even try taking your wall decor down and switching it around. In a cubical? Bring some fun wall paper or wrapping paper and decorate the grey ugly walls. You'll feel so much better when  you do. 

Fresh space= fresh mind!

3. Let yourself stop and day dream.

No, day dreaming is not a bad thing to do despite what your teachers may have told you in school. It is an essential part of life. It's like letting your mind wonder through a garden of ideas ( too woo wooie?) 

Basically, if you find yourself zoning out, you're mind is trying to tell you something. It may feel like nothing for a while but there is an idea coming, give it time. So go sit by a window, watch the sunset get a glass of wine and let it happen.

4. Immerse yourself in activities that have NOTHING to do with what you're working on.

Find something that has nothing to do with what your doing. Join a yoga class. Go on a walk. See a movie alone. Take a hot shower.  Whatever idea or block your stuck with will magically come to you when you remove your self from the subject. 

I've gotten some of my BEST ideas while taking a shower.  I call them shower thoughts.  Some are weird but some are truly amazing. 

and lastly

5. Surround yourself with like-minded creative people.

Have you ever been in a group of people where the conversation just jived so much between you and all involved? The ideas from that conversation just seemed to effortlessly bounce back and forth like you all were on the same page?  These are the people you need to talk to more. 

They also understand this block and chances are would LOVE to talk to you and have a nice chat with you about whatever because it also helps them think out their own things. 

Don't know where to find these people? 

Get online and join a Facebook group. Hunt down a Meetup on , there are tons to choose from and so many activities to do.  

It really pays to have a group of friends who are like minded and positive. They keep you on track and always have your back when something doesn't go as planned. 


So the next time you find yourself wondering down the road of melancholy ideas, try these steps. You just may spark something new and awesome!