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Most Magical Maternity Session EVER!!! Cincinnati Ohio

There are so many ways you can do a maternity session. From Milk baths to something more casual, it’s really all up to who is being photographed.

Personally though,I love it when that person really jams with what I love to do and my style of photography. If you’ve been around here long enough, you know that I LOVE magical things and whenever possible I try to sneak that into an image. I love playing with the ideas of fantasy and reality to bring you something that is both surreal and beautiful. Even with something like maternity portraits.

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Jess Summers of Say Yes To Jess creates amazing Maternity portraits for moms in Cincinnati Ohio.jpg
Cincinnati Family Photographer Jess Summers of Say Yes To Jess Captures stunning Maternity photos for new moms in Cincinnati Ohio.jpg
Cincinnati Maternity Photography by Say Yes To Jess.jpg
Maternity Photography in Cincinnati Ohio by Jess Summers of Say Yes To Jess.jpg
Magical Maternity Photography by Jess Summers of Say Yes To Jess Cincinnati Ohio Photographer
Stunning Magical Maternity Session In Cincinnati Ohio by Cincinnati Photographer Jess Summers of Say Yes To Jess
Maternity Session Cincinnati Ohio Family Photographer Jess Summers of Say Yes To Jess.jpg

There is always a way I can sneak in just a little magic. Maybe its the lighting with tons of sunshine filling the image, a butterfly here or there, maybe even fairy lights dusting their way over water. Whatever it may be I’m all about it.

If you are too, I would love to help! There is no better reason to ask for magical looking portraits than a new little one. <3

For all those wildly imaginative kids out there.

Remember that sweet little image I created early in January? It was of a little boy sitting on his bed looking out his window and there was a dinosaur looking back.

Cool concept right?

The thing I love most about this is it shows the real imagination that children have. When they play, this is what they see. They form giant ideas and play them out. To us, its pretend but to them it’s super real and amazing.

Imagine if we had the ability to take what was in our kids minds when they are playing and print it out and see it for ourselves.

Cincinnati Ohio Photographer creates Dreamy images from Children's  imaginations

That would be incredible. You could get to know the way your child imagines, thinks and sees the world.

Fun story- That image I’m talking about is actually a creation from doing just that.

We sat down, talked about what was in the room, what it looked like, what kind of dinosaur would be in the window, what kind of pj’s he would be wearing and if it was day time or night time. So many little details all from the mind of a child.

I took those details and kept them on a little note next to me while I created a dreamy portrait of what was described to me. Basically putting what he sees into something tangible that we all can appreciate and his mom can hold close to her as he grows up and look back and remember those fun moments that he had as a kid.

When she showed him the photos when they were done, he looked up at her and said “This was yesterday right mommy?” because he really remembers this whole scene happening. Talk about the most adorable melt your heart moment.

So let me ask you this. Does your child have a crazy imagination? Do they always tell you about the adventures they go on? Do they love playing dress up and making up characters and people they are pretending to be?

If you answered yes to any one of these, I guarantee you have a little dreamer on your hands with an imagination that is exploding inside of their heads. Why not take the opportunity to see what their imagination really looks like. I promise it is an experience you won’t forget.

Book Your own Dream Session here

If you want to see how I put together the image from shoot to creation, check out these videos below.

Have you ever wanted to meet a unicorn? I can take you to one!


No lying here. I can and will take you to meet a unicorn. No matter how old you are it’s something you should 100% have on your life list and I can help you check it off!

You see, I know of a very magical place that is home to one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL unicorns I ever did see- and I’ve seen a couple in my day.

This one has bright blue eyes and is one of the most gentle creatures I’ve ever met. However if you’re a fairy, I suggest you try to hide your wings as he likes to eat those as snacks.

But seriously, it’s an incredible time.

Cincinnati ohio Unicorn photoshoot with Say yes To Jess Jess Summers.jpg

Unicorns expect you to be dressed to the 9. Fluffy dress, sparkly makeup… everything you need to look just as magical as they do. Lucky for you I’m here to help you with that.

If you decided you want to take a trip with me to unicorn valley, you’ll receive a dress that is fitted to your size, a glam makeup experience AND some unicorn food to take with you when you get there. You know, to help the unicorn know you’re their friend

Unicorn experience in Cincinnati ohio Unicorn Photoshoot Say Yes To Jess Cincy photographer.jpg

So how do you sign up to meet one? It’s super simple. Click here, and tell me you want to do a unicorn meet and greet. I’ll get you set up with a time and tell you the location. We will meet there, get you ready and then take you to meet.

Trust me. It’s so worth it and you’ll be able to check off an AMAZING thing off your life list… or make someone smile.

Have you ever wanted to meet a unicorn? Let me know in the comments!