My First Opening Day In Cincinnati

I've lived in Cincinnati now for almost 10 years. I moved directly here after graduating High school. So I think that by now it is safe to say I'm a full blown Cincinnatian. 

I really do love Cincinnati. From the people to the places and the city wide traditions that happen here, its all wonderful to me. Since moving here 10 years ago, there are some things I've still yet to do and hope to check them off my list very soon. One of those things was Attend the Opening Day Parade and game. 

I've wanted to go for the past couple years but it's never actually worked out for some reason or another. However, this year the planets aligned and my bestie and I got to partake in the festivities.

We arrived downtown at Findlay Market, where the parade was set to start. We may have gotten a sneak peak at all the parade things because were rebels and chose to walk down the road that they were lining up on. 

Once it started I was so excited to see everything go by. I felt like a kid in a candy shop. The energy of the crowd was amazing and we made a new little friend who would dance and or try to be in the parade at any chance she got. It was absolutly adorable. 

There were so many fun things in the parade. It was almost 2 hours long but it didn't feel like it at all. I think my favorite thing had to be all the horses. Especially the mini horses.  

Side note. I didn't know there were therapy horses but I'm going to need a whole lot of therapy if that is the case. 



My other favorite thing was this set of costumes from a local school. Each one was dressed up as something cincinnati related. They were all so adorable and I wanted to look at each and every costume but couldn't see them all. They even had some dressed up as city landmakrs. It was such a cute idea. 

When the parade was over we headed down to the stadium to watch the game. One of the things I love most about Cincinnati is the amount of pride we have in our city. The streets were lined with people who were there for the festivities and to attend the game. It's truly something you just have to experience if you're from out of town. 

April and I actually didn't plan on going but like I said earlier... the planets aligned, wishes were granted and April won tickets the night before! It was a very welcomed surprise and I'd like to formally say thank you  to the Venue Kings for them!! The seats were amazing and I don't think I've ever actually sat that close before.


In typical Ohio fashion, rain was of course in the forecast but it only started raining when we were on a mission to find the dollar hot dog stand, that I may add we could not find. Thankfully it wasn't a long storm and ended just as fast as it started. I was really happy about that not because It was a little cold but because you cant make sure balls are not going to hit you in the face when your glasses have little rain droplets all over them.  

Yes, I spent a good portion of the game being nervous I was going to get hit in the face with the ball. They hit hard... 


All in all the day was amazing and went entirely too fast but like every opening day past it means summer is right around the corner and I'm extremely excited about that! 

Have you been to opening day before? Tell me about it and what your memories in the comments below! 

Want more? Enjoy a slide show of the parade! 

Why It's Important To Let Your Childs Imagination Out To Play

Why It's Important To Let Your Childs Imagination Out To Play

All dressed up in her brand new dress, she climbed into her spaceship looked up at me and said "My spaceship runs off of glitter."  I laughed, and put a hand full of glitter into what I assumed was the "gas tank".  She was on a mission to fly away and meet the other princesses on different planets. 

I like People Who Smile When It's Raining- Cincinnati Ohio Maternity Photography

A few weeks ago I found myself hiding under a group of trees with my clients as we waited out a random rain storm that decided the best time to let its cold drops of rain go was during my late afternoon session.   

We were huddled under a tree for quite some time playing " don't smudge the makeup" and "keep the dress dry"  while we watched a boy on a unicycle juggle in the rain on the side walk in front of us without dropping anything or falling. - I know sounds like a crazy weird series of events but he was getting some super sweet shots for his senior photos... I think. 

I knew this session was going to be amazing when I saw my client, Amber, get out of the car with an incredible black tulle dress on. My mouth quite literally fell open when I saw it. The perfect amount of fluff and adorable!  


I've done a lot of different sessions at Ault park and to be honest I get tired of that location but for some reason it was just different that day. There was an amazing beauty to it that I'm not quite sure I've seen before. Maybe it was all the leaves changing and the storm clouds in the background but it was beautiful. 

Take that rain! 😻 

Take that rain! 😻 


Later we went to my studio to shoot the rest of the session, something I'm always super thrilled to do- a milk bath.  


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE  milk baths. They are beautiful and always have such an amazing color scheme to them.   

This is one of my favorite sessions to date and I'm so excited for the Amber and her husband on their newly announced baby BOY!  

I hope everyone has an Thanksgiving!