Behind the scenes

Stars in the sky: A Behind the scenes look in planning my next session

Sometimes sessions don't really need planned. You have a person, have your gear, they are the subject in the images and no props or additional items are required. With the type of photography I am working on that is no longer the case.  

I now need a full circle of things to properly pull off an amazing final image. From wardrobe to makeup to props and location. It all matters and it's all very specific to the session theme.  

As I mentioned last week I had a list of ideas I wanted to photograph. Things that are more so a challenge to me and to showcase what it is that I want to do because changing "who you are" in the world of photography is challenging.

On the top of that list was:

Stars in the sky:
Picture a little (boy or girl) in a field with their older (brother or sister) . It's getting dark so to keep it bright enough they start putting stars in the sky.  

This is the session I will be planning for next week.

So what is the first step to setting up a solid session? To me, it's location.  I have a very specific look in my mind for this specific photograph.I want lots of tall grass, a giant hill and amazing scenery in the distance. I also want it to look like it was taken at the start of dusk, right before the sunset really starts to get dark giving it the look like the kids are lighting up the sky.  After a lot of location hunting I have decided that a local park called East Fork is the perfect location. 

But that is the easy part. 

The next step is finding the people be in it. I've had this idea in my head for so long I think I've basically made up what the two people in the shot should look like. Basically, I'm looking for two boys or two girls who are younger than 8 and 3. I will be posting an open call for this soon so be on the look out! :) 

Finally, my last piece to the puzzle is wardrobe and props. Luckily, prop wise I have everything I need -Wooden latter and a bucket... CHECK!  Since I want this to have a classic olden time kind of feel to it I don't want jeans and tee shirts. I'm looking for things like suspenders and button downs, white flowing linen dresses or lace. Things that really bring out the feeling of innocence and childhood. 

With this kind of session I get to plan out every little detail even how I want them to be standing or sitting and the actions I want to be taking place when I am photographing it. To prepare more for this I have a little sketch book that has all of the notes above along with a little doodle of how the image should be composed.  Things like this come in handy when you're in the moment and scatter brain takes over. - yes I suffer from spontaneous scatter brain. (EEK!)

For now those are the big details for the session. I'll be working hard at finding the perfect children and wardrobe for it this week!  I can't wait to finally get this set up and taken and to share it with all of you! 

Wish me luck!!

xoxo- Jess