A New Year, A new SYTJ!

Holy cow.

It really is 2018. Am I the only one who thought 2017 went by REALLY quickly the last half of the year? Like I went to sleep and bam... 2018 happened. 

No. Just me?

This year I have decided to switch some things up both in my personal life, and in my business.
Some of my friends like to give each year a theme and work on that theme the whole year. I've decided to do the same. This year I'm doing two themes. 

1. Do The Work
2. Self Care

Why these themes? Well, they just fit where I am right now in my own personal journey. This year I plan on laying some serious tracks down for my future business plans and with hard work comes the NEED for self care -and way less pizza and maybe some quality time with the my good ol friend, Gym.

I'll be sharing my progress for both of these themes throughout the year on my blog.

Along with these things, I'm also going to need your help. 

I've created a short survey to get a good idea on things you'd like to see, events you'd like to attend and other fun info I can incorporate for the year ahead. Since you're on my VIP list who else better to help me, right! Just click here and you'll be routed to the survey.

Do you have a special thing you do for new years? Do you make a resolution list or create a theme for the year? Let me know by leaving a comment!