How I'm Prepping For Mermaid Season

Getting to create magical worlds is one of my favorite things about being a photographer. I love taking an idea and turning it into a reality.  From Costumes to makeup, building or finding the perfect location to photograph in is all part of the journey to creating the perfect image.

One of the cool things about what I do is there are so many ways that I can achieve one idea. If you recall last year in august, I did a mermaid session where I made a costume on the fly,  had my beautiful clients hair and makeup done and we headed out to French park to spend the day playing mermaid. 

It was beautiful and I really enjoyed what came from that session. However, there are always things I'm taking notes on and trying to learn how to do better for next time. So this year to prepare for Mermaid Season - Totally a thing by the way - I've spent some extra time going over my notes to see what I can do differently to make a better image for all you future mermaids. 

When creating images like these it is super important to me that things look real. To say that I am a picky editor is an understatement. I spend an ungodly amount of time editing an image, picking at little details to make sure they are perfect. To me an image is just not worth creating if the texture, depth of field, and photoshop elements don't look like they are real and authentic. When you look at an image I want you to feel like it's a real place and not really question if anything was a photoshop addition or not- even if it was.

One of my big things that I had on my list from last August was definitely mermaid scales. Sure, makeup scales were fantastic and they are great to use if I'm not submerging you in the water but chances are, I am.  And what does makeup do when it hit's water usually?  If your answer was "Washes away" you would be correct. Yes, I know there is makeup out there that will stay in water but It's good to have a back up plan and know how to do what you need without it. 

Another thing on my list was the mermaid tail. Silicone tails can be a pretty penny and I wanted to know how to make a tail that I could change every time I used one because no mermaid is the same.  

To practice what I had learned I dug out some images from my prior session that I didn't release to the public and applied my new skills to them. I didn't add the mermaid tail to these but I promise you that it looks amazing! That you will have to wait and see this upcoming Mermaid Season. 

I love how these new images turned out and I can't wait to get rolling with new projects for this summer. 

If you or someone you know would like to become a mermaid this summer, send me a message or click here to view how dream sessions work.