What lessons Wonder Woman can teach us all.

Wonder Woman has always been a favorite of mine since I was super little. I would sit and watch the TV Show with my grandpa then once the show was over, quickly run around the house doing my best to mimmic the moves she I saw on the show.  I even had a "Special jump" that was basically me spinning in a circle multiple times that I would do off the high dive at the lake. I called my "Wonder Woman Spin" and in hindsight it was actually pretty dangerous to do off a high dive but that never stopped me because I felt pretty badass every time I did it.  

I've forever had good memories and respect when it came to that character in particular.  I always thought of her as such a strong and independent person and loved that she could kick so much ass and still be amazingly gentle when she needed to be.

I'm not going to ruin the new movie for those who have not had the opportunity to watch it yet- because that is rude and I'm not going to be that person. What I would like to instead focus on is her Badassery and the lessons we can all learn from her.

1.  She does not hide the things that make her special

Remember in high school when you were afraid to be who you are? Afraid to show the things that made you amazing for fear of being weird, awkward or that you would stand out? Those are the things she flaunts with pride.  Even if they make no since to the stereotypes in place, she rocks it.

p.s she's also not afraid to hid how INCREDIBLY SMART she is because that is a super power all on it's own.

2.  She tries diplomacy over violence

WW has a way of dealing with issues that a lot of people seam forget about sometimes. Before resulting to major butt kicking she tries to settle things by talking them through in a sensitive but effective way.

3. She's the definition of strong Independent Woman

She can and will take care of herself. I assume being raised as an amazon and being the daughter of Zeus has a lot to do with this but she is quite the role model for independence. Of course she is more than happy to work as a team but she is not afraid to get the job done on her own. 

Anyone else think of the song Independent Feat. Lil' Boosie and Lil' Phat for this one? ... Just me? 

4. She does not doubt herself.

When the going gets tough, she gets tougher. She never stops to think about if she can or cannot do something. She simply puts her best foot forward and charges at it full force learning along the way. 

5. she's always on a journey of self discovery

As a child she was always pushing the boundaries of who she was and or could be and  took every moment to learn and broaden her knowledge of many different things. One of my favorite lines from the movie that I pulled my phone out to put in my notes was "Who will I be If I stay?" to me that was such an amazing line that sealed the fact that to grow you must move forward.   

If you have yet to make your way out to see the new Wonder Woman movie, I hope you do soon. It is such a good movie that definitely won't let you down. When you see it, let me know your favorite part and if you learned a lesson from her. I'd love to hear all about it in the comments.

Side note, this is an accurate depiction of me after watching the movie.  #noshame