And at last I see the light- Lantern Fest

This past weekend I scratched something off my bucket list. Something small but still something that I've wanted to see and do for a long long time.  No it wasn't something crazy exciting like sky diving or mountain climbing but a something a little more chill and most definitely BEAUTIFUL!

As some of you know I'm all about the experiences in life. I'd rather spend money doing fun things and going on adventures vs have a ton of stuff so I bought a ticket to The Lantern Fest

Ever since I saw a video of lanterns being let into the sky I knew it was something I wanted to see for myself. It looked like one of the most beautiful things in the world- and it was. 

The day started off around 5 when the sun started to set ( good bye summer ). There was free face painting, balloon animals for the kids and you could meet some of your favorite princesses.  There were even people who dressed up as Rapunzel and Flynn that I purposefully sat next to.

They were super into their roles, even though they were there just to participate like I was.  Flynn even perfected his smolder and would bring it out in every photo he was asked to take.  (see below) 

When you first walk in to Lantern fest you are given a little box. Inside that box is a lighter, Marker, a baggie full of marshmallows, a perfect amount of gram crackers for s'mores and a scavenger hunt checklist to keep you busy before the festivities start. 

The scavenger hut had things on it like:

Get your face painted
Take a photo with a princess
Photobomb someone ( again, see above photo.)
Invite someone you don't know to join you at your fire pit
participate in a game

All in good fun types of activities and yes, I did 90% of them. 

As soon as the sun started really go down my crew and I started to decorate our lanterns.  We put things on them that were meaningful to us and some quotes.  

Pro tip- If you're going to go to the lantern festival, bring crayons because the marker they give you will go through the paper, also bring a clip board or large piece of cardboard to draw on top of our you may rip your lantern and it won't fly. 

Once the sun was finally down it was finally time to let the lanterns fly! They explained how to light and let me be the first to say it's actually a whole lot harder than you think it would be. It definitely requires 2 people and it's easy to catch the sides on fire. No one wants that... that is a wish dyeing. 

Once everyones lanterns were ready we all let them into the sky at one time. It was quite possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed.  You just wanted to stop everything, every thought and just watch them go. 

I don't think my photos really give it justice. It may be one of those things you just have to see yourself to really understand how beautiful it really is.  

So if you see presale come up for this fantastic event, make sure to snag yourselves a couple tickets. It is 100% worth it. 

Thanks for reading!

Jess Xoxo