Coolest Graffiti Wall in Cincinnati for Senior Sessions

A couple weeks ago one of my awesome clients was getting ready to do her Senior Session with me. She wanted a place that wasn't something you'd normally see in a senior photo. You know... no open field with flowers or fence that you lean up on. I personally have to agree with her. I get tired of that kind of thing as well. 

We ended up meeting at a huge graffiti wall in Hyde Park. It's filled with some amazing work and so much color and I LOVE color!  

The best thing about this spot is no matter how many outfit choices she had, we had a perfect colored background to work with if we just walked down a little bit. 

Seniors Sessions are always so fun to me. I always try to put as much personality of the person I'm photographing into it as I can. I'm a firm believer that these images should show who you are and what you're all about as you graduate.


The only thing to keep in mind if you decided to visit this spot is there are some seriously slippery spots. I fell into the water within five minutes of being there. Then my client, Michelle, slipped on one of the muddy water puddles.

If you look behind her, there is a big pipe in the wall and we both thought it would be a great shot if she sat in it. However, my brain went straight to scary movie central. The plan was I get the camera focused and ready for her, she quickly sits, I take the photo and she jumps out. 

We got to step 2 of this. The part where she quickly sits. Mind you she quickly slipped and made contact with the ground. It was so funny and we agreed that keeping these photos and not editing out the mud on her leg and boot was for the best and a great memory maker.

Don't worry. I stopped long enough to make sure she was ok then kept going. Moments captured.


Regardless it was a good time had by all. If you want to check this place out for yourself, it's hidden behind the Hyde Park Health center. 

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