How To Make Mermaid Scales

One thing I always get asked when someone sees my first mermaid series is "How did you make her scales look like that?"  

Well I think it's time I let the secret out of the bag. 

It's really very simple actually. First gather your supplies. 

You'll need :

Once you have all that ready, take your fishnets and stretch it tight over the area you'd like the scales to be. If you're doing this alone, it may help to have a clip with you to hold the fishnets in place. Its key to make sure they don't move while you're applying your makeup.  Depending on the look you're going for, it my be a good idea to stretch the fishnets wide to make a bigger scale.

After your fishnets are in place where you'd like them to be, take out your white body paint and a blending sponge and start dabbing the white paint over the fishnets. Try to get a nice even coat on it and cover all skin so it is white. Some body paint cakes require being water to make them easier to use, so be sure to check what kind you have.

When you're all done painting the white it's time for the fun part.  Eye shadow. Grab your pallet and pick what colors you'd like to use. I personally lean towards 3 colors at a time when I'm doing scales. If I use green, I'll use a dark light and yellow. If I'm doing something a little more pastel I'll use pink, blues and purples.   When you have your colors nailed down crush them up into a fine powder and take another blending sponge and start blotting that over top the area you painted white paint.   

Pro tip-  Mac pigments set works GREAT for this.

Once you're happy with the look let your fishnet loose and remove it from the area you were painting. 

It is possible to do this without white body paint but I find it is not as dark as I'd like and does not last as long. Feel free to use a finishing spray when you're done painting for even longer ware. 

To do this on your face/body follow the same steps as above but with one rather hilarious change. If you're doing your whole body cut the crotch out of the fishnets and put them on over your head stretching them down as far as you can go using the now cut open part for your head and place your arms in the leg of the fishnets. Pull tight if needed. If doing your face, put your head in one of the legs of the fishnet and pull tight. 

If you'd like a step by step video run through check out the video below! 

If you have any questions on this process or products feel free to send me a message or comment below! <3