Dreamer Days- Giving a little bit of magic where it is needed most!

If you have been hanging around her a while, you know that I volunteer at the Ronald Mcdonald house pretty often. I used to go every Thanksgiving to take free portraits for families who had to stay there on the holiday and I would do it again sometime in the summer.

A while ago, I had signed up to volunteer another set of free family portraits when a little girl in this big fancy dress walked out of the hallway and told me she was ready to take her photos. I looked at her and all I could think about was how much she looked like a princess. She didn’t have any hair, she had some tubes taped to her arms but she looked like a princess.

I told her that we were going to do something special for her and do a photo that would make her look like the princess she is. Her eyes lit up and she started spouting out ideas on what we could do and how it should look and even asked to get a different color ribbon to put on her head.

It was at that moment I realized that yes, family portraits are great and should be given to these families but the thing I should really be giving is a Dream Session.

Dreamer Days by Cincinnati Photographer Jess Summers of Cincinnati Ohio

I went home and thought about it. What can I do, how do I do it and what does it all look like. I set up my next volunteer date but this time for free Dream Sessions! The event page blew up and even had a really long waiting list. Each child who signed up gave me their ideas and things they liked before hand so I was ready for them when their session time rolled around. We had a zoo keeper, a little guy who wanted to ride on the back of a dolphin, kids who loved Unicorns and Dinosaurs. The imagination was bouncing off the walls with these little ones.

Session day came and I got to meet each one of them. They were all so adorable and ready to create an amazing portrait. It didn’t matter their situation, why they were there or what was going on that day, they were all ready to play and dream things up with me.

Dreamer Days by Cincinnati Photographer Jess Summers of Cincinnati Ohio
Dreamer Days by Cincinnati Photographer Jess Summers of Cincinnati Ohio

After the day was over it really sank in even more that this is not only something fun and unique that I can bring to their world but something that lets you relax and forget your troubles for a short time. It even brings a since of comfort to the parents watching their children during the experience. Some of the parents even told me it was so heartwarming to see their child smile such big real authentic smiles, some said that it was amazing to get to see their child do something they are unable to do as their situation prevents them. Some also said it was just something nice that made a hard situation easier.

It’s such an amazing feeling to know that I’m not just snapping a photo and transforming into a dream but helping out others as I’m doing it. Sprinkling a little joy and happiness in.

Dreamer Days by Cincinnati Photographer Jess Summers of Cincinnati Ohio

Since doing my first Dream Session day there I’ve decided that it now has to become something I do normally. Something that I can give to bring smiles, happiness and of course creativity to the world. I will now be doing this 2 times a year at RMH and will be calling it Dreamer Days ℠.

Dreamer Days by Say Yes To Jess Cincinnati Ohio Photographer
Dreamer Days by Cincinnati Photographer Jess Summers of Cincinnati Ohio

Each family who signs up for these days gets a free Dream Session, 11x14 print of their portrait and a little video of their session and a video of how it was edited- and of course a little goodie bag!

I’ll have more to come about this in the future as it grows and evolves from what it is today but just know the sessions you book throughout the year go to help fund these days. You can also donate to it as well. All proceeds go to anything the sessions need to make them successful for the children and families involved.

To learn more about this, check out the Dreamer Days page here on Sayyestojess.com