Cincinnati Sign Museum

I've lived in Cincinnati for over 10 years now. Moving to Cincy about 3 months after graduating highschool- I know, I didn't mess around. I would like to say that I've done and seen a lot of things in the city. However, there are still things that have been here long before me that I have yet to experience like Putts Ice cream or to check out the top of Crew Tower. 

All things I'll get to eventually, I'm sure but one thing that I had always wanted to visit was the American Sign Museum. It is a place I had heard existed, even saw photos here and there but didn't really know where it was and or was never around during my free time to make a trip in. 

Let me just say though, I'm glad I finally made time.

This place is one of the coolest places I think I've ever been to. 

The lighting is amazing, the history of the signs and places they are all from is just so incredible to take in. 

On my first trip I even got to watch a demonstration about how they make the neon bulbs and fill them with mercury. Definitely something I'd never seen done before and very fascinating to watch. 

I was really bummed my first trip there because I didn't bring my camera and had to use my cell phone.  Cell phone phots are ok but never really do anything justice. 

American Sign Museum Cincinnati Ohio by Say Yes To Jess
American Sign Museum Cincinnati Ohio by Say Yes To Jess.jpg

A couple weeks ago I was able to go back, this time with my photography class I teach at Leaves Of Learning and I definitely remembered to bring my camera.

I think my favorite room in the whole museum is the one with the big vintage McDonnell's sign in it.  It also is set up to look like a city street with windows and brick on the ground.  I personally am a sucker for indoor cities like that. The old timey village at COSI is my absolute favorite place. (Really, I just love themed anything if we are being honest)

American Sign Museum Cincinnati Ohio by Say Yes To Jess.jpg
American Sign Museum Cincinnati Ohio by Say Yes To Jess.jpg

I'm sure this is not my last time to the sign museum and if were being honest, I kind of want a Say Yes To Jess Glasses neon sign for my future studio... What? A girl can dream!

I hope you found this blog post fun and interesting. I also hope that you'll take a trip there soon.  

If you have been there let me know your favorite sign you have seen there in the comments!



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