What does it take to have the most amazing Experience? Cincinnati Ohio

Have you ever done something so incredibly cool that you lit up the moment that you heard about it? Like you knew that it was going to be one of the BEST experiences in your life? Something you definitely would cherish for the rest of forever?

Things like this I feel are the most important parts about living a full life. Experiences that make life fun and exciting and bring back happy feelings that lift you up when you think about them. 

So what makes a good experience anyway?

This could be debated as each person is different but I personally believe that a good experience is made up of four simple key ingredients. 

1. Unadulterated fun

2. Adrenaline

3. Letting go of inhibitions

4. The feeling of being a kid again- you know the one. 

All of these together combined make up one amazing experience that will bring back nothing but good memories. Things to think about when you're having those rough days that make it much easier to get though the day. 

Since I've been in business, well really since getting out on my own have always been searching for the BEST experiences that made me feel those things. I literally would say yes to something if it looked like it could end up in those feelings.

I would drag my friends along with me, ask them to do really weird and odd things.. even if it meant getting messy. I just craved that feeling over and over again. 

Not much has changed really, I still do but it's a little different now. Why's that? Because I now want to offer you these experiences. I want to give YOU these things that make your heart sing and shout out with joy. 

Amazing Experiences in Cincinnati Ohio Mermaid.jpg
Amazing Experiences in Cincinnati Ohio.jpg


I spent a good portion of early 2018 going through different activities I found fun, exciting and things people should 100% do at any age. I went through the list and my "Experiences" packages were born. 

Each one is packed with plenty of those four ingredients. From a paint fight with the fam, cake smash, Mermaid transformation or getting to spend quality time with a unicorn. It's all magical and definitely something you won't forget. 

Amazing Experiences in Cincinnati Ohio Unicorn.jpg
Amazing Experiences in Cincinnati Ohio Adult Cake Smash.jpg

I think I'll always be trying to add to this list. It's something that I find important and something I think needs to be done for the public. Mostly because I just want to see you smile... and not a fake smile, a super real, genuine, that was amazing kind of smile. 

So let me ask you this. If you had to pick the perfect Experience for you, what would it be? 

Let me know in the comments!!