Have you ever had that feeling? Cincinnati Photographer creates unique dreamy portraits for kids

Have you ever been swimming and then suddenly felt like something was creeping up under the water to grab our feet.

As a kid I used to swim in a lake that was compleatly dark at the bottom. I would swim down so far to where plants would touch my feet and the water was dramatically colder and dart back up as quick as I could. It always gave me super bad vibes to dive down that far but I did it anyway. I always would think that something creepy and monster like was out to get me down there, even though that was highly unlikely.

I really wanted to play with that idea. What it’s like to let your imagination go there as a kid and what may actually be at the bottom waiting for you.

In this portrait we decided to have her floating in a super fun unicorn float with the most adorable cherry bathing suite.

All things that said fun in the sun and happy go lucky .

At the bottom of the pool we decided to have an octopus. A BIG one!

To put this image together we had our awesome little model sit on a black stool that kind of looked like a desk when she sat in it. Told her to keep her arms on the top and tell us what face she would make if she thought an octopus wad down below her.

The one thing I really loved about this session is that Char, our lovely swimmer, is all about that imagination. She would act out everything to get into character. It was pretty darn adorable.

For the actual edit of this image I had to build a whole pool area. The sky, what would be around it AND the water and below. So there are a lot of different parts within this to make it come to life but it was worth the hours of searching for assets to get it done.

So now it’s your turn. What would you do if an octopus was suddenly swimming up towards you?