Cha Cha Cha Changes... Whats New with Say Yes To Jess for 2017.

For a long long long time now I've been cooking up some new stuff, a new direction and ways of doing things. A while ago I posted that I was quitting weddings and pointing myself in a different direction. I just needed to build that direction.  Well my lovely friends. It's been built, and you're looking at it. 

So lets get into some of the big changes that have taken place. Ya know, so we are all on the same page. 

Since I've shifted to more of an artistic style I decided to lay out my packages like that too. You can now get a Dream Session, Styled Session and a Classic Session.

So what are these exactly and what is the difference?  

Well A Dream Session is exactley that- A dream.  If you're looking to meet a unicorn, become a mermaid, drift off into your wildest dreams and make it really happen then this is for you because dream sessions were made for that.  They come with hair and makeup by professional artists, custom designed outfits, 100% styled scenes to match the theme of your session and tons of time on my end dedicated to making your images amazing. 

If the above session seems a little too over the top for you then perhaps a Styled session is more your speed. These are curated to give you an artistic look and style to your session without it being a big production like a Dream Session. Hair and makeup can be purchased as an add on but it is not included in the sitting fee. 

Styled Session still a little more than you're looking for? That's ok. I still have one more left in my bag of awesome. A Classic Session. Classic sessions are to put it simply, you and I on location for a quick and easy peasy session much like my old style where we would just both show up at the place we decided on and walk around and take photos. Hair and makeup is not included in this session either but can be added if you'd like as an add on. 

Something else that is brand spanking new is prior to each session we will be doing a little meet up to plan out what you're looking for. We will go over any details to your session, clothing  choices, location and any other details that we may need to talk about.  ALSO, you can book your planning meeting AND your session date all in  a couple clicks. Meaning no more more back and forth emailing!  Can I get a Hooray!  ( Hooray!!!)  

Also on top of that I will no longer be giving out images via a downloadable link. An entire new system will be taking the helm on how to order your images. Once your images are completed we will meet again so you can see your images in all their glory in high resolution format in my studio and pick out your favorites. I promise there will also be snacks. :) 

If you have questions before you book, that's ok too. Just click the little envelope at the bottom of my page to send me a message at any time. 

So what else is new? I'm glad you asked.  A BIG new part of my work  is giving back to places that need it most. Each session, no matter the session type,  will have 5% of it's sitting fee donated to a charity that I like and work with.  On top of this I now also offer free Dream Sessions to terminally Ill children. I think doing things like this is so important and I want to make sure that my time on this earth is doing something good for the people in it. If you know someone who qualifies for one of these sessions please send them my information. 

Some not so new things that I plan on doing more of include making 1 work in progress video a for each session and a ton of behind the scenes videos including live streaming. So get ready to step into the inner workings of sessions and all that happens here at the SYTJ Studio.  ps. I can get weird so just be prepared. 

To make sure you're staying in the loop of everything new and any other changes I decided to toss into the mix make sure to add yourself to my VIP Members list! I will be doing some Gift voucher give aways and many other things through this and I want you all to be a part of it. So make sure to join! 

That is officially it for new things and changes. Can't wait to really dig into everything this year. Thank you all for an amazing 2016. Heres to making 2017 even more amazing. 

Xoxo- Jess