What it's like to play a card game with.... Yourself? Cincinnati Photographer takes selfies to a new level.

I always have these weird ideas for images that I never really get the chance/make time to do. Things like me lounging in my cereal bowl full of fruit loops floating on a fun unicorn float just enjoying the day or me skydiving with my cats- because I know they would enjoy it ;).

I literally have a huge list of these things ready to go at any time I am ready to take them. I recently decided I needed to start prioritizing them. Mostly for myself because I need a creative outlet for the things that I keep stored in my head. 

This week I chose to do one of those images. 

Basically I wanted to have a card game with myself but each self was reflective of an emotion I would have while playing the game. 

I set my camera up on a tripod and I made sure it was framed to my table. The hard part about this image was that I needed to see every face in it.  So I needed to be careful of the positioning of myself in each shot. 

I also wanted to make sure I was wearing different clothing each time so in-between each shot, I'd grab a different outfit and do a quick change.

(Fun story- the apartment maintenance guys showed up in the middle of this and I had to put a quick random outfit on. I feel like you always get a knock on the door when your not fully clothed.  Check the video and you can see them pop in for a sec. Gotta love apartment life haha! ) 

The image itself is made up of 4 different shots, one for each chair of the table.  It's pretty obvious who's winning the game, or at least dominating that round in the image but we also have a version of me that feels cheated, an playful/overzelus one that is about to throw her cards and one who thinks it's funny.  I think it pretty much sums up my competitive nature haha. 


Now I know what it would be like to play a card game with myself. I have to say it would be a fun time and very entertaining.

Want to check out how it was all put together? Watch the video below! 

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