I have a confession to make. Local photographer does a hilarious thing with family photos!

Alright. I have to share something with you that I’ve started randomly asking my families to let me do.

It’s something that is compleatly silly, there is no reason for it. It just simply brings me joy and I’m really loving this little project.

Like really, every time I do one of these portraits it makes me laugh AND makes my clients laugh too.

So what am I doing exactley that is putting a guaranteed smile on your face?

Its super simple… I’m switching the heads of parents and their kids.

Just take a look below

Photographer switches parents heads with their children in hilarious family portrait.jpg

Doesn’t that just make you want to laugh a little? There is something so innocent and yet so funny about it. It kind of makes me think of freaky friday but on a whole different level.

I may even start doing couple swaps. I think that will have an equally hilarious outcome. Actually, if that idea strikes you a funny and you want to participate, send me a message!

Check out how I swap heads below:

I like People Who Smile When It's Raining- Cincinnati Ohio Maternity Photography

A few weeks ago I found myself hiding under a group of trees with my clients as we waited out a random rain storm that decided the best time to let its cold drops of rain go was during my late afternoon session.   

We were huddled under a tree for quite some time playing " don't smudge the makeup" and "keep the dress dry"  while we watched a boy on a unicycle juggle in the rain on the side walk in front of us without dropping anything or falling. - I know sounds like a crazy weird series of events but he was getting some super sweet shots for his senior photos... I think. 

I knew this session was going to be amazing when I saw my client, Amber, get out of the car with an incredible black tulle dress on. My mouth quite literally fell open when I saw it. The perfect amount of fluff and adorable!  


I've done a lot of different sessions at Ault park and to be honest I get tired of that location but for some reason it was just different that day. There was an amazing beauty to it that I'm not quite sure I've seen before. Maybe it was all the leaves changing and the storm clouds in the background but it was beautiful. 

Take that rain! 😻 

Take that rain! 😻 


Later we went to my studio to shoot the rest of the session, something I'm always super thrilled to do- a milk bath.  


I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE  milk baths. They are beautiful and always have such an amazing color scheme to them.   

This is one of my favorite sessions to date and I'm so excited for the Amber and her husband on their newly announced baby BOY!  

I hope everyone has an Thanksgiving!


Come Little Children I'll take thee away | Halloween Levitation Photography

Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to welcome it than to shoot some creepy levitation photos in the woods. 

Levitation photographs have always been super cool and interesting to me. I love the look having someone flying through the air or creepily floating down a wooded path.  

To plan for this session I wanted some dresses that would be super flowy. Ones that if the wind were to hit it would create some amazing movement. What creates better movement than a vintage wedding dress?  Answer- nothing! 

I packed up my car with a tall wooden latter, clips, string and anything else I thought I may need to pull this off and we headed to the woods. 

It took me a little longer than I'd like to admit to get her dress to look like it was flying in the air. if you feel like watching me make several failed attempts check out my Facebook live video. I eventually turned it off because I thought that 30 minutes of mess ups was enough haha.

I ended up tying the dress to the surrounding trees as high as I could reach and tying the dress to her feet so when her feet would lift up so would the dress.  It took roughly 45 minutes to get it all together.

Once she was up, found her balance on the latter we started the session. - Watch here

My main goal with these was to make it look like she was flying through the air looking for something or somebody. Letting you create your own story when you looked at the image.

The movement in this dress is just AMAZING! 


We brought some extra outfits and tried out some different poses like the one above. A little more creepy but still pretty cool. 

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks project!  If these images made you think up a story to go along with it let me know in the comments below!

If you're interested. Here is a video of one of the edits from start to finish.



Xoxo- Jess