Why It's Important To Let Your Childs Imagination Out To Play

All dressed up in her brand new dress, she climbed into her spaceship looked up at me and said "My spaceship runs off of glitter."  I laughed, and put a hand full of glitter into what I assumed was the "gas tank".  She was on a mission to fly away and meet the other princesses on different planets. 

Totally believable right?  If you say no then perhaps its time we had a little chat. 

For the past couple weeks I have been working on a new project to take a sweet little girls request of being a Astronaut Princess and bringing it to life for her birthday. Her mom, owner of Pumpkin and Bunny, made the most adorable tutu dress with a gorgeous bow in the back. Bunny, with help of her mom, had picked out the fabric and designed what she thought an Astronaut Princess would wear. 

Meanwhile I had my own list of things to make for the session. I sketched out what I thought a good spaceship would look like, went to Kroger and bought a ton of foil explaining to the cashier that I was indeed not insane for buying so much and got to work building a pretty cool ship out of boxes from my basement. I also made a space helmet, but that did not get used in the session- next time :).

The idea of Astronaut Princess Is one of my favorites thus far. Its kind of like when a little girl says I want to be Darth Vader AND a princess at the same time.  When you get requests like this you make them happen. Logically, the idea may not make since but in the world of Imagination and creativity, there is little room for logic. 

A Childs imagination is one of the most precious things we have in this world. As adults we are likely to let other things cloud our thoughts and add limitations to ideas. You know who doesn't do that. Children.  Being the "Geeky" parent that allows children imagination to grow and helps them explore different facets of it is beyond priceless- especially with art programs being cut left and right. Chances are, by doing this, it will bring you back to a level of creativity and imagination you haven't been friends with in a really long time- I know it does me.

So if your child has an idea about something that seems a little out there, explore it. You never know, you could be helping them to form some amazing idea they will develop as an adult just by playing a game outside. 


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