We're Cleared for lift off! One man's Dream to become an Astronaut in Cincinnati Ohio

Have you ever had a dream of doing something amazing but never really was given the opportunity to do it? 

Maybe that dream you had as a kid to become a fire fighter, Super hero or to be a fairy princess on on planet Happy land that was located only a little past pluto... just me?

Regardless of what your dream is, we all have one. Some are a little more far fetched than others but we all have one.

This dream however was one I found to be so fun and definitely up my ally. It was to create an astronaut.

Step one of the whole process was to make a costume. 

I started out by making the helmet. Taking a beach ball and laying a paper mache over it. I did this a couple times to give it a nice solid base to work off of.  When that was dry, I started adding plaster to the ball in smooth layers.

That part can get really messy. Good thing for a swiffer and vacuum.  

Once the plaster was dry came the fun part... sanding and designing. I wanted the helmet to be as close to a real helmet as I could get. I got some white shiny paint along with some gold and silver paint to do the wires, bolts and other parts of it.  I cut out a peace where I thought the face would fit and covered the edges with Eve foam. 

The jumpsuite portion of the costume was made with a set of coveralls from amazon and some super sweet Nasa patches... you know, to look legit ;).

I also made a neck piece for the helmet to attach to and sit nicely while it was being used. 

I think the funniest part about this whole Dream Session is that we had to photograph it all under a overhanging next to the river because it started to downpour on us. Since none of us are quitters, we just made it all work. 

Despite the rain, the shoot was amazing and so much fun.

Cincinnati Man becomes Astronaut in Dream Session by cincinnati Photographer Jess Summers of Say Yes To Jess