I'm turning 30! MY EPIC 30's Cake Smash Session in Cincinnati Ohio

It’s happening!

This week I said goodbye to my 20’s and HELLLOOOOOOOOO to my 30’s.

I know a lot of people struggle with this switch but I’m actually kind of excited. Mostly because I know it’s going to be pretty damn awesome.

Personally, I think that my 20’s were really tough. Especially in my early 20’s with all sorts of poor life choices. However, I loved years 25-29. Those were full of amazing things and stuff I never ever want to forget.

Really 30 is going to kick some major ass and I’m actually really thankful for those rough 20’s years. They set me up for an excellent life… even if they really were difficult then.

To bring on my new set of double digits I’m doing a good ol’ classic cake smash session! However, not just any cake smash session… a 30’s themed one!!

I got a 30’s era dress, some AMAZING powder blue shoes and I made a headdress to match.

The headdress is made with feathers, headbands from Michaels. It was a fairly simple thing to make and I think it came out super lovely. You may even catch me wearing it on the normal because… why not.

Peep the creation of my headdress below


If you recall back when I first started my blog back when I just turned 27, I did a “cake smash”. It wasn’t really a cake smash though, more like me just smashing my face in a cake to see what would happen- creative experiments haha. This time I went all in and channeled my inner cake eater. I also took some tips from my old blog post “How to smash cake like a boss” and just went at it!

Say Yes To Jess does epic 30th Birthday shoot in Cincinnati Ohio.jpg
1989 baby 30th birthday CAKE SMASH session by Say Yes to Jess Cincinnati Ohio Photographer.jpg
Say Yes To Jess Does a 30th Birthday Cake Smash for herself.jpg
Cincinnati Ohio Adult Birthday Cake Smash.jpg
30th Birthday Cake smash in Cincinnati Ohio.jpg
Rainbow cake and 30's themed Cake smash.jpg
Adult Cake Smash in Cincinnati Ohio by Say Yes To Jess Photographer.jpg
Epic Adult Cake Smash done right here in Cincinnati. jpg
Cake smash Cincinnati Ohio Adult.jpg
Cincinnati Ohio Adult Cake Smash happy 30th Birthday.jpg
1989 kids turn 30 this year Birthday cake smash.jpg

So here is to 30 and the next chapter of my life. Now to come up with my 30 things to do in my 30’s list. Have any ideas? Let me know in the comments.

Want your own cake smash? Send me a message!