I can't believe how cute these are! Valentines day goodies for all!

Know what this week is? It’s VALENTINES DAY!!!

Obviously I know some people don’t care about this holiday and would rather skip it. Well…. this blog post is not for you. You are aloud to close out and move on. :)

For those of us who like the holiday and enjoy all the heart shaped, super cute, extra yummy and adorable things going down. Please stay and hang out with me for a sec.

I remember I was ALWAYS down for the valentines day parties as a kid. I loved passing out my cards to friends and getting to open each one was even better for me. I think I kept them from each year well beyond their time ( Hey, they brought me joy!)

Even to this day I keep my valentines day cards. I even this year set up a little SYTJ valentines day card exchange for anyone who wanted to sign up. - sorry its too late to sign up now BUT next year ;)

I also have been creeping Pinterest for fun and exciting Valentines day related things and I now have 8bajillion ideas on how to decorate my home and what to bake. Somehow I don’t think my boyfriend will really appreciate it if I went all Pinterest on the house though.

But check these out:

Mini Heart shapped pizzas by Sarah Hearts!

Mini Heart shapped pizzas by Sarah Hearts!

Heart shaped Cinnamon roles by It’s Always Autumn.

Heart shaped Cinnamon roles by It’s Always Autumn.

AND Monster pink rice krispies (FAV) by shrimp salad circus

AND Monster pink rice krispies (FAV) by shrimp salad circus

Yes, I realize they are all food but they are very cute and adorable foods.

This year for valentines day I also have made something special for you guys as well. What is it?

Free Printable Unicorn and Dinosaur Themed Valentines Day Cards.jpg

You’re very own FREE Valentines day printable cards. So if you forgot to get some at the store or need some in a pinch, I’ve got you! Just click here to download them.

I even have have a bonus giftie for you guys because I love you all so much.

Valentines Day Contest!

The opportunity to win 1 of 4 Valentines day gift bags! Each bag is full of valentine goodies, a little something special from me (cough- a free DREAM SESSION) and other fun stuff.

All you have to do to enter is:

1. Follow me on Instagram @sayyestojess
2. Share this giveaway on either Facebook OR instagram and tag me and a friend you would love to also win a bag.

Winner will be announced on Valentines day at 5 pm via facebook and Instagram.

I hope you all have an amazing Valentines day and I’ll see you next week!