Did You See The Elephants in Mainstrasse village of Covington Kentucky?

This past monday when the whether was nice and it actually felt like spring outside, I took a bike ride to get a break from work and enjoy the day. 

There is a super cute bridge right outside of Mainstrasse village in Covington Kentucky that I always love to walk under. 

It has the absolute cutest paint on the center columns. It's black and white stripes with pink triangles just scream happy vibes. There is even a yellow star painted on the ceiling of the bridge that peaks down into view when you look through the center columns.

I've loved this little underpass ever since I started hanging out in Covington. Even at night time walking back from Mainstrasse, it's still so pretty! 

This time though, I remembered to bring my camera so I could snap a photo or two of it... of course with plans to add something else into the images. 

Mainstrasse village in Covington Kentucky Elephants

With any image I put together it's my goal to make it look like something really happened. To allow you to open up your imagination a little and see something more out of an every day space.

I always try to let my imagination run wild like a kid's and think, what would be incredibly cool if it were there. What would make me feel so excited that If I saw it, I would Jump up and down and do this weird excited dance that only comes out of me when I can't hold in how happy I am. 

In this case, it was elephants.

I mean who wouldn't be excited to see 3 elephants roaming on their own outside randomly. It's kind of like that one video I saw once on facebook where the guy saw a random goat and then a lama ran by. 

He was in shock but SO happy. 

Just like I hope you would be if you saw this in real life.

Anyway, I hope this image and blog post has brought a smile to your face on this gloomy Tuesday.. or whatever day you stopped in to see this. Maybe on a day with much better whether than we are having now.

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To see how this image was created, peep the video below!

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