You HAVE to check out the Cincinnati Toy Heritage Mural in OTR!

I absolutely LOVE biking around the city. I pack a bag with some necessities like water, a couple snacks and my camera. 

A couple weekend ago my boyfriend and I decided to take a ride to Washington Park from Covington.  A much different path than we usually take. I'm also not one who really enjoys riding in the road with traffic but on a Sunday, it's not that bad. 

We ended up stopping at Coffee Emporium, grabbing a couple quick smoothies (mine mango *YUMMMMM* This girl loves mango!) and a beagle for a snack. Then headed to Washington park.

We sat along the benches by the gazebo watching kids play on scooters and enjoyed the amazing day ohio hasn't had in a long time. 

All I want is more nice spring days!!!

On the way back we stopped along 23 W Court St to stop and see my absolute FAVORITE mural in Cincinnati so far. The Cincinnati Toy Heritage Mural.

Cincinnati Toy Heritage Mural

Its kind of tucked away from the main path and I've come to realize a lot of people don't know where this one is. Good news for you, I put the address above and it's only about 2 blocks away from Washington Park. 

Definitely worth stopping at. 

If you saw my Instagram post, you read about an amazing thing I saw at the mural while I was there but I didn't quite say what it was. 

Well It's time I finally fill you in. 

It's still weird to me that no one seams to see the things I do when they happen. Like this group of lego pals admiring the toy mural. I guess I'm just at the right place at the right time....Who knows

Regardless, they look like they were really enjoying themselves and ultimately rather impressed with the mural like I always am. 

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If you want to check out how this was made, peep the video below! 

Either way, please leave a comment below and tell me of a cool place I should check out around Cincinnati!

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