The BEST Date night idea for Valentines Day in Cincinnati Ohio

Valentines day is coming up and for some of use that means a nice dinner or something nice and romantic with your significant other. 

Sounds nice right? 

But can I tell you what will REALLY blow your dates socks off? 

*seriously take a sit because this is pretty good*

An 80's goodwill rewind date. 

How does one do an 80's rewind date you ask?

It's very simple. I actually got this idea when my good friends Dave and Josh of Wild Things Antiques On 2809 Woodburn Ave asked me to tag a long and snap some photos of them as they threw their good friends a bachelorette party before their wedding. The only catch was they didn't get to pick their outfits.  In fact, their date picked their outfits for them.  No mercy.  Whatever they chose for their partner to wear was what the rocked that night in OTR. 

Yeah, I may have jumped in on this one....

Yeah, I may have jumped in on this one....


It was obviously a TON of fun and some amazing photos came out of it.

So this year for valentines day, to spice things up and give you a little more to remember than an average date, I want you to do the following:

1. Grab your S.O and take them to goodwill. 
2. Tell them you have a $15 clothing budget each and exchange sizes.
3. Let them know anything goes (as long as it's not out of your comfort zone- no one wants to wear goodwill panties... ew) and  pick the most crazy 80's inspired outfit you can. Don't forget the leg warmers.
4. Go home Tease that hair and get your 80's gear on
5. Come to your 80's Bad Valentine portrait day session ;) (click here for details)
6. Go out for dinner and drinks and walk around OTR for the night. 
7. You can decided what comes after this....

See, easy peasy. 

Now get on out there and plan your date. Don't have a date? Do the above with your BFF. Trust me. It will be worth it.

If you do this, please share in the comments below!