How do I even start planning My dream session? Part 1

"I love the idea of a Dream session, but I have absolutely no idea where to start."  Trust me. I've heard you. It's sometimes not an easy thing finding what you'd like to photograph OR it's not easy turning what you want to photograph into words. 

A lot of you have no idea what you'd even want to when it comes to a Dream session. The thought of getting professional makeup done and your hair styled into an amazing creation and playing in a scene built from imagination sounds amazing, however,  how the hell do you even make it happen?

Let me show you a glimps of how it is done. 

First you need to decided what you're intention is. Do you want these images taken of yourself or of your children? Is this something you'd like to do with a best friend, husband, girlfriend, Wife , parent or even your pet?  Do you want to tell a story from beginning to end to actually put in a book? Do you just want some amazing pieces of you doing something you never thought possible to hang in your home? Do you want to do this for your children, and have a time capsule piece that will last forever? Do you just want to look like a badass in an amazing image?  

Once you have thought those, it's time to move on to creating your actual idea. If you don't have an idea what so ever, ask yourself these questions to start. 

1. What kinds of movies do you really enjoy watching? ( Beetle juice, Hook, Alice In wonderland..)
2. Is there a place that you love to visit or would love if it existed?
3. What Character would you be if you were in Alice in Wonderland? ( It's ok to make one up)
4. Is there a childhood dream you still carry with you today? What is it and why?
5. What activity do you enjoy doing that really makes you feel alive?

With these answers you should be able to nail down an amazing idea for your session or at least the start of one. Really think through what would be cool for you to do, what would really make your heart sing when you see it printed up on your wall. 

I would absolutely LOVE to read your responce to these questions, leave them in the comments below!  

Check back soon for part 2!!

P.s Keep an eye out for an upcoming Dream Session workshop! ;)