Why I'm quitting weddings.

This past year has been a crazy ride for this girl. I quit my 9-5 job in April to be a full time Photographer/Girl boss. The game plan for my departure into my next chapter was simple. Book a lot of Weddings, sell on Etsy and live a life I truly want to live.

Sometime this summer when I was photographing a wedding I realized that weddings may not be what I really want to invest my time in but I ignored my gut feeling and kept pushing weddings both in photography and Etsy. I even decided to start a sub blog called Bridal Babes to really dig deep into the wedding community and my the one in my area.

Things were going well and I was in alignment with " the plan". Perfect. 

Funny thing about a plans is... they change sometimes.  Maybe it was the incredibly terrible august I had that really put a lot of things into check or me just realizing what truly makes me a happy camper and what doesn't but it is time to listen to my intuition and make a change. 

So what is that change you ask?

It's simple.  I'm quitting weddings- for the most part. 


Weddings are simply not what makes my heart sing anymore. Yes, they are lovely and each one is unique and wedding cake is always a win but my creative soul is being pulled into a different direction. 

By now you may be wondering "So what are your big plans jess? What are you going to be doing instead of weddings?"

Well I'm glad you asked. I will be focusing a ton of energy on creative, fairy-tail like portraiture and composites. 

What does that mean exactley? 

It means I will be shooting stylized images that tell a story, warp reality and captivate your imagination - Much like the last few sessions I have blogged about. 

Each session will be 100% stylized from location, hair and makeup to the little details in the images.

So if you are into meeting a zebra, camping with lions, being a snow queen,  doing your own version of little red riding hood, having your child placed into a fairy tail world then this is 100% for you!  - literally the possibilities are endless.

I currently have a running list of session themes I'd like to start out with but just to give you a little sneak peak I'll give you some ideas of what I have in store:

Stars in the sky:

Picture a little (boy or girl) in a field with their older (brother or sister) . It's getting dark so to keep it bright enough they start putting stars in the sky. 

Teddy Bear series:

I'm looking to do several sessions with kids and their favorite stuffed animals. I want to showcase their adventures, imaginary worlds they go to and why having a best friend is important.

Wonderland Series

I've always loved the idea of wonderland. A place where literally everything is possible if you can only dream it up.  This will be an ongoing project with several different themed images. 

I will have more info out about how to book a session like this within the next week but if you're interested in being a part of these send me a message


 I am still going to accept weddings for the next year or so for specific dates so please feel free to ask if you did want me to shoot your wedding. I will also still be shooting everything I did before like boudoir, family and newborn portraits so feel free to send me a message if you're in the market for that. 


Till next time!

xoxo- Jess