Being a Photographer has so many perks. Getting to actively capture a memory, quench the thirst of your creative soul and participate in some seriously awesome stuff.  In the past 3 years that I've been publicly active in the photography world, I've had several super cool things come across my table.  Things I didn't think I'd get to do or see.  

Recently a friend asked me what has been my favorite thing to photograph so far. Thinking back, I have had so many things that were high on my list that have been amazing experiences but my hands down  the one thing that makes my soul feel most excited and alive is to shoot concerts and shows.

Let me just confess something: I LOVE music, it runs through my veins just as much as photography does. It quite literally may complete me.

My love of Music Photography runs deep,  and started when I was a teen. I was ALWAYS at a show and took photos of every band I could. I would edit them and make sure I gave them to every band they were of. I also made sure to PLASTER them all over my Myspace page ( yeah.. back when Myspace was a thing).  I even went as far as trying my hand at setting up shows for local companies.  Like I said. It runs deep.

 When I was given the opportunity to shoot a  real full blown show with a very well know band, It's easy to say I was over the moon excited! 

I'll never forget the first show I did and all the little details. There was one other photographer in the pit with me. I was trying to mentally prepare before they came on and plan where I should stand. I probably had a weird look on my face that was mixed with excitement and nervousness.  The other photographer, who I had some great conversation with, noticed I didn't have a pair of earplugs and very generously gave me the extra pair he brought.  My ears were very thankful (we were very much so by the amps).  I was definitely unprepared. I didn't know what to do, lenses to use, camera settings to have.  HOT. MESS. BUT you have to start somewhere.

My Images from that show may not have been the most "Awesome" one's I've ever taken but boy was it fun and a huge learning experience for me. 

I will always love shooting bands and live shows and I will always make time for it. This year I hope to add several new shows to my list.  I'm a believer that It is always important to do things that you love, even if you get nothing from it but personal satisfaction. 

So let me ask you the same question. What is something that you love to do, for no reason at all other than it just makes you happy? I would love to hear your answers! 

Till next time!