Where the *MAGIC* Happens!

If you're new to the world of Say Yes To Jess, then you may not know that I recently made a huge change to my life. I BOUGHT A CONDO.  This was a big thing in my world, especially for my growing photography business.

It has taken me a while to get the ball rolling when it comes to designing the spaces I would like to use for photography purposes. Mostly because I'm super indecisive.  ( Ask anyone.. I'm terrible about this)  Funny thing is I actually did go to college for Interior Design,  but I can't pick a paint color to save my life.  Maybe it's because I want to change it after I do it - I get bored really quickly.  However, after kicking my own ass into gear I FINALLY got (most of) my Boudoir room up and ready to go and I would LOVE To share it with you!

 So here it is!  Meet the room where the *MAGIC* HAPPENS ;)

Currently it is pretty simple, but really in this kind of space I don't want it to be too complicated. I will, however, be adding some things to the walls. As to what those things are going to be... who knows.  Another Trip to Ikea Please!! 

I went around my house and gathered things that I thought would be interesting to have "on set".  Including some books I had as a kid- yes, I was super into gnomes and that peter cottontail book. 

The crown jewel of the whole room is the headboard that I made from scratch. It cost me roughly $30 dollars and took more time to gather the materials to make it than it did to actually make it- roughly 10 minutes. I love how it ties the room together and has a great contrast between the wall and the items on the bed and it looks GREAT in the photos I've taken in the room so far.



Up next on the list is my new basement studio and office. So many choices to be made.  Wish me luck!  I'm going to need it! 


Till next time!