Purple hair 101- Rocking that unnatural hair color.

SAY YES TO JESS | Purple Hair 101 - Rocking that unnatural Hair color!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you “had the balls” to change something about yourself? Maybe Change your hair color to something more unnatural?  Like a pink, teal, or purple?  Would things be different? Would you get stared at?  Would people snub you?  Could you keep a job with that color in your hair? The questions are endless but I’m here to answer some of them.

I’ve always been the type of person to stray from the normal. I love the weird, unique and free spirited things of the world.  With that being said, it makes 100% perfect since that I would want to ditch my (not so awesome- in my opinion) dirty blond hair.  Sure it was pretty, and had its moments where I was like “Yeah, This is a good time! I can rock this!”  But truth be told. It didn’t feel very “Me”. So one day I decided to just throw caution to the wind and pull the trigger.

It’s been quite the liberating experience ever since!  I got to see what I looked like as a complete blond – like super blond… white haired- lady.   Ps. that color is not for me. 

SAY YES TO JESS | Purple Hair 101 - Rocking that unnatural Hair color!
SAY YES TO JESS | Purple Hair 101 - Rocking that unnatural Hair color!



Since that glorious day of my purple hair makeover, I have heard so many things from so many people in regards to them wanting to change their own hair color.  They all seem to be the same kind of concern or fear so... Let me clear some things up for you!

 Will people snub you/treat you different?

Definitely not!  If they do, then they are not worth your time. It is that simple. Do you girl (or bro)!!

Won't I get stared at all the time?

Sure, people are likely to look at you more because you don't just blend in anymore (Hallelujah). To be honest though, you won't really notice. There are so many times I'll walk into some place I've never been and forget that I have brightly colored hair. It just becomes your personal normal.  However, every compliment about your hair will make you feel even more awesome each time you hear one. 

What if I don’t like it?

Good news! It’s just hair dye.  In a couple hours you can be back to the way things were before you did it - no harm no foul- at least not after a good conditioning treatment ;) .  I do have an emergency box of auburn hidden in the far depths of my hair coloring drawer for those just in case moments. I am quite happy to say that I have not ever had to use it yet.  THANK GOD! 

I don’t have the confidence to rock that.

Don’t be silly! Of course you do!!  I’m a believer that changes like this actually give you confidence.  Reason- it makes you feel AWESOME and super UNIQUE. Think about it this way. How do you feel when you buy a brand new outfit or pair of shoes that you absolutely *love*? You want to strut your stuff, don’t you?  That is the exact feeling you get when you change up your hair ( even if it’s not a crazy color…) So yes, darling, you TOTALLY have the confidence to rock that!

Can I hold a job with a hair color like that?

So this one is a little bit trickier.  

YES, you definitely can. However, you need to make sure the company you work for is cool with it as different places have different meanings on what they consider "Professional Dress".  There are TONS of places out there however that have built this into their culture, you just have to find it- and you should because I want you to be happy :D

SAY YES TO JESS | Purple Hair 101 - Rocking that unnatural Hair color!

So I hope I've helped answer some of your questions about what it's like to rock a unnatural hair color. Remember to be you and live authentically.  If you have questions on how I get my hair the colors that I do OR other questions shoot me a message! :D

So now I have a question for you! 

If you could change your hair color to anything what would it be?


Till next time!