About Say Yes To Jess

Say Yes To Jess is a Cincinnati, Ohio based family photographer that specializes in creating incredibly unique, dreamy portraits of children made up of their dreams. aspirations and imagination.

I Make Your Photo Experience Fun! Photoshoots should be fun and feel like play time. No boring “sit still and smile” here. I encourage play and curiosity in every session.

Photos That Show Off Your Personality. Every session is built around what you want. They are styled to your needs and are made with only you in mind. Each one is unique to you and never copied.

Giving Back To The World. 4 times a year I volunteer free sessions to Cincinnati Children’s and Ronald Mcdonald House.

I Encourage You To Be Creative. Again, I don’t do boring. I want to push as much creativity into the world as I can and inspire you to also do the same. The world needs you to show off your colors and vibrancy! - enough people already have boring covered.

Welcome to Say Yes To Jess. I’m so happy you are joining me on this journey!


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Get to know a little about me:

Jess Summers from Say Yes To Jess a Cincinnati Ohio Family Photographer
Jess Summers Of Say Yes To Jess a Cincinnati Family Photographer creates super unique portraits
Say Yes To Jess Cincinnati Family Photographer

Say Yes To Jess was Founded in 2009

I have been doing photography for over 10 years

I self taught myself everything I know in photography and photoshop

I am obsessed with Dinosaurs, doodles, weird trinkets and day dreaming

I LOVE the show Bobs Burgers

I’m a full pizza lover, there is no better food

I cannot subscribe to the idea of “growing up”

I’m all about weird and fun activities like paint fights and slip and slides even Zorbing

You’ll probably notice I have a thing for rainbow

I love creating fun images of me doing random odd things

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My Values 

  1. Kindness
    I believe in being kind, respectful and generous. This is always how I’ve chose to live my life, and operate my company.

  2. Creativity
    I say NO to boring and predictable things and YES to crazy, out of the box ideas that keep you on your toes and those amazing ideas that are deep in dream land.

  3. Adventure
    To dream is to be open to adventure and all the things that come with it. Be that actual adventure or just being on board for the journey.

  4. Transparency
    I always want to be open and honest with you about your sessions, products and things going on with Say Yes To Jess

  5. Community
    You are part of my community, I want to make sure you feel welcomed, like you can speak to me at anytime and know that I always have an open space for you. It is also my goal to provide fun events that you can attend and really feel a part of SYTJ.

  6. Silliness
    I believe everything you do in life should be fun and should make you feel better and happy when you’re doing it. I also believe you should laugh as much as possible and feel as much joy as you can!

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