I'm the Maker, Creator and of course Photographer that is behind all you see here. I love making and creating magical worlds that take you on an adventure and create an experience that will last a life time. I take pride in what I do and spend an immense amount of time planning and prepping, making sure every little detail is exactly as it should be.

It's been a long road to get to where I am, I started out as a crafter, making and selling my creations on Etsy then decided to try my hand at making custom cake designs. I was dead set on that being what I was called to do but after taking a step back I realized that my heart was really not in it. In high school I was always taking photos, I even did my own senior portraits with an auto timer and a tripod. It took me longer than I'd like to admit to realize photography was my thing. The thing that would make my heart sing loud and proud. My photography journey started out by taking a few photos of my brother then one of my best friends weddings followed by several years of shooting different types of photography. I even thought that wedding photography was going to be the path I followed.  

But I was wrong. 

I grew up with a strong imagination, creating stories of different places and going off on wild adventures in them. Even as an adult I could get lost in the idea of a world like Wonderland or Narnia. I still to this day hold the idea of Neverland really close to my heart. Something about it just always made me happy.  One day I was perusing the Pinterest and came across some amazing photography work that literally stopped me in my tracks.  I knew that I wanted to make and create things exactly like that.  Within the next week I planned out a special shoot to test out the waters so to speak and called up one of my friends to see if she would be into helping. That day I created my first fine art session and I've never looked back since. 

A huge part of what makes me tick is helping in places that need help. A couple of years ago I started working with The Make A Wish foundation photographing wishes that had been granted in Cincinnati and Covington. There is nothing more special then seeing a child's eyes light up when that thing they wanted to happen actually happens. I've since then started photographing free portraits at the Ronald McDonald house every thanksgiving morning  as a way to brighten up the days of the families who are there during the holiday and recently I've decided to make giving a normal part of my life by donating money from sessions to places I care about and volunteering where I can. 

I am so excited that this is what I get to do with my life, make, dream and create with you and help celebrate life as a whole. It is truly an amazing thing to head out with my camera and make these things happen.  If you're interested in working with me or you have any questions about my processes please send me a message at any time.